The Fairfield Police Department is responsible for approving all requests for Town street closures for resident block parties. Residents wishing to have a temporary street closure for a block party must complete a request form and resident petition form and submit completed paperwork to the Fairfield Police Department, Special Services Division.



1. Block Party Request form and Neighborhood Petition form must be filled out completely and submitted to the Fairfield Police, Special Services Division.

2. All residents on the street must be contacted and 80% must agree to closing the street. Neighbor contact will be verified by the completion of the Neighborhood Petition form.

3. Movable barricades shall be used at the ends of the street to be closed and adequate lighting provided if the closure continues after dusk to alert motorists.

4. Objects such as tents, tables and inflatable games that would hinder free access to emergency vehicles cannot be placed in the roadway.

5. The Department of Public Works may provide barricades for street closure if they have an adequate supply and with plenty of advance notice.


Click here for a Block Party Request form and Neighborhood Petition form

Upon receipt of the completed Block Party Request form and Neighborhood Petition form, the chairperson of the event will be notified by mail if their street closure was approved or not approved. Questions can be addressed to the Special Services Division Monday though Friday, 8am to 4pm at 203-254-4815.