Fairfield Police Commission




Arthur Hersh - Chairperson

Thomas Dubrosky - Secretary

Donald Kleber

Norma Peterson, esq.

Walter Flynn, esq.

Samuel Lazinger, esq.

Sidney Postol





Meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. at Police Headquarters


As required by the Charter of the Town of Fairfield (section 10.5), the Police Department is overseen by a police commission. Members of the Police Commission are appointed by the Fairfield Board of Selectmen and each member has a term of five (5) years. 

Some of the powers and duties of the Police Commission are:

  • They have general management supervision of the Police Department and of all property and equipment used by or in connection with the operation of the department;

  • They make rules and regulations consistent with the General Statutes and the Charter for the governance of the Police Department and its personnel, and may prescribe penalties for violations of its rules and regulations;

  • Subject to provisions of the Charter regarding appointment of the Chief of Police, have sole power to appoint and promote to all positions in the Police Department, which appointments and promotions shall be made on the basis of merit;

  • determine the qualifications for each rank and grade in the Police Department

  • within the appropriations made for that purpose determine the number of officers and other employees of the police department and of the several ranks and grades and their compensation.

The Police Commission may also appoint an active Chief of Police during the absence or disability of the Chief of Police. They may also appoint Special Police Officers.

Commission meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Fairfield Police Department. The meeting starts at 4:30pm.

The above listed duties and roles are excerpts from the Town Charter. For the full text refer to the "Charter of the Town of Fairfield".



The official agenda and minutes are on file with the Town of Fairfield.

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Neighborhood Petition Form

The Town of Fairfield takes its role in traffic safety very seriously. We appreciate the many complaints, requests, and suggestions we receive from various sources; because it helps our staff develop a safer transportation system. Due to limited resources, we cannot always respond quickly to your concerns or ideas. This does not mean that we do not value your input or appreciate your concerns. Many traffic and parking situations take considerable time to study and evaluate possible solutions. Quick solutions are often less effective in the long run. More appropriate solutions may cost the taxpayers more money, but we must prioritize the spending of our budget across the entire town. A potential problem in one part of town must be weighed against current needs in other areas.

In consideration of the above, we developed this Neighborhood Petition Form (NPF) for your use. Through this form, neighbors are encouraged to identify and discuss issues affecting them. Our goal is to have neighbors reach consensus on the problem and formulate a possible solution. Once a consensus is reached, it is required that the NPF be completed and forwarded to the Fairfield Police Department- Special Services Division.

As a resident of Fairfield who has identified a potential traffic safety issue, it is important that you involve your neighborhood in the possible solution. Our intent is to focus on the most important parking and traffic conditions in town, as neighborhood consensus is reached. This practice will ensure our best use of staff time and available resources.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Traffic Calming Information

Click here to download a Neighborhood Petition Form

Click here to go to the State Traffic Commission Website that provides information on regulations relating to highway use.