Parking Enforcement

Part of a police officer's duties is to enforce both State and Municipal laws relating to the parking of vehicles. Officers issue Town of Fairfield Parking Tickets to most violators, although a State of Connecticut Infraction (ticket) may also be issued which must be paid to the State of Connecticut's Centralized Infraction Bureau.

Town of Fairfield Parking Violations range from $25.00 to $150.00 and can be paid online, by mailing a check or by coming to the Fairfield Police Department in person. We accept cash, checks or money orders in person but no credit cards.  You may pay with credit card online but there is a small convenience fee (see below).  Town of Fairfield Parking Violations must be paid within ten (10) days of the date issued or additional penalties can result.  If a person owes multiple parking fines, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles may not allow the vehicle to be re-registered until the outstanding fines are paid. Delinquents may be prosecuted or subject to civil penalties.

Parking Authority Tickets are not processed by the Police Department.

Offenses & Fines

The following is a list of the Town of Fairfield Parking Violations, Violations Numbers and the associated Fines.

Pay My Parking Violation
$25.00 Violations
1 Overtime 8 Double Parked
2 No Parking 9 Within 25 ft of Stop Sign
3 Within 25 ft of Crosswalk 10 Bus Stop
4 Within 10 ft of Fire Hydrant 11 On a Sidewalk
5 Within 25 ft of Intersection 12 On a Curve or Top of Grade
6 Obstructing a Driveway 13 Over 12 in from a Curb
7 Wrong Side of Street 14 Outside a Designated Space
15 (Unassigned Violation Number) 16 (Unassigned Violation Number)
$35.00 Violations
17 (Unassigned Violation Number) 19 Employee Permit Parking Area
18 Tow-Away Zone 20 Railroad Permit Parking Area
$5.00 Violations
21 Failure to Display Permit
$50.00 Violations
22 Fire Line
$80.00 Violations
23 No Parking Beach Area 24 Restricted Beach Permit
$150.00 Violations
25 Handicapped Area 26 Obstructing Handicapped
Curb Cut / Hash Marks

*3% Convenience Fee added to all online payments.

There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned checks.

The owner of a vehicle with more than $250.00 in unpaid parking tickets is subject to having their vehicle immobilized with a wheel boot and/or impounded.

Pay My Parking Violation

Parking Tag Appeals

Persons receiving parking tags may appeal to the Fairfield Police Department. Appeals must be made within ten (10) days of the date indicated on the ticket. An appeal form may be picked up at the Front Desk of the Fairfield Police Department or you may download an appeal form (click on the link below). Those persons appealing a parking ticket should complete the appeal form and return it to the Police Department. You will be notified by mail of the outcome of your appeal. If you are unsatisfied with the results of the initial appeal you can then petition for a hearing with an independent hearing officer.

Parking ticket appeal forms must be picked up at police headquarters (100 Reef Road, Fairfield) or downloaded from this site. We do not mail appeal forms to individuals.

If you have any questions please call (203) 254-4815.

Please do not send e-mails regarding parking appeals.

Parking Tag Appeal Form - Download PDF

Petition for Violation Hearing

This form should be completed only after the Parking Tag Complaint form above has been submitted and you received a reply. You may appeal the decision made by the Fairfield Police parking tag review officer by completing the Request for Violation Hearing form. A hearing will be set up with an independent review officer who will make a decision regarding your appeal.

Petition for Violation Hearing Form

Petition for Violation Hearing Form - Download PDF

Tow Away Zones

For some of the violations listed above the illegally parked vehicles can be towed at the owner's expense (examples: Tow Zones and Obstructing a Driveway). There are also areas specifically marked as Tow-Away Zones. Please be alert for signs before leaving your car parked. The Fairfield Beach Road area has several tow-zone areas. All the areas are properly marked with signs and are strictly enforced. Vehicles left on private property can be towed by the property owner.

Beach Areas

Be aware that between Memorial Day and Labor Day many of the roads in the area of our beaches are permit parking only. Police officers routinely check these areas for violations and ticket vehicles parked illegally in these areas. Beach permits are available in the spring at Town Hall. Call Town Hall for information or click on the link below.

Beach Sticker Information

Fire Lanes

Many of the businesses in Fairfield have clearly marked Fire Lanes. Patrol officers check these areas for violations. Please do not park your vehicles in the fire lanes, even if you are "just running in for a minute". If a vehicle is parked in the fire lane it can be ticketed, even if someone is still in the vehicle. The only exception to this rule is emergency vehicles.

Handicapped Parking Spaces

Handicapped spaces are clearly marked with both signs and pavement markings. Vehicles without valid handicapped permits may not park in these designated spaces, even if you are just dropping somebody off, or just running in the the business for "just a minute". Also, be aware that the hashed area between the parking spaces are considered part of the handicapped space and vehicles parked in the hashed area will be ticketed for parking in a handicapped space.

It is also a violation to use somebody else's handicapped permit. The permit must be valid and the person to whom the permit is issued must be in the vehicle.

Train Station Parking

Parking at any of the Fairfield train stations is regulated by the Fairfield Parking Authority. Permits are required at all train stations. Day parking spaces are available (cars parked in day parking areas will receive an envelope and will be required to mail in the fee for the day). Special Traffic Agents patrol the train stations Monday through Friday. Violators will be ticketed. (Exceptions: Weekends and some holidays: no permit required.)

For questions: contact Town of Fairfield Fairfield Parking Authority at (203) 256-3000.