Fairfield Police Motorcycle Unit



Officer Bob Kalamaras, Officer Matt Paniliatis, Officer Bill Demotses, Officer Jim Chueka and Chief David Peck

The Fairfield Police Motorcycle Unit, which falls under the command of the Patrol Division Division, operates year round as part of our Traffic Enforcement Unit.  The department recently obtained Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles (shown above).  Currently there are four officers assigned to the motorcycle unit:

The primary function of the motorcycles is traffic enforcement, such as radar, traffic light or stop sign violations, and parking enforcement, but they will also respond to calls for service if needed.  They are responsible for funeral escorts, parades, fireworks detail, carnivals and even some road race events in town.

Motorcycle Officers

Officer James Chueka (motorcycle riding instructor)

Officer William Demotses (motorcycle riding instructor)

Officer Bob Kalamaras

Officer Matt Panilaitis


Each Officer wishing to be assigned to the Motorcycle Unit must have a valid motorcycle license and pass an intense two-week police riding course prior to being assigned to the unit.  This course consists of negotiating many different obstacles from very slow speeds to very fast, braking maneuvers, curve negotiation, off road riding, and pair riding.

They continue to train monthly during the riding season to maintain and improve their riding skills.


New Motorcycles

2009 Parade

2009 Parade

More Motorcycles