The Record Division of the Fairfield Police Department is a sub-division of our Support Services Bureau and  is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of departmental records and reports. They are also responsible to keep custody of evidence, seized property and found property. This division is staffed by two regular police officers as well as  full and part-time civilian employees. Citizens wanting copies of reports can come to Fairfield Police Headquarters and go to the window in the front lobby marked Records and Reports. You must come to police headquarters to get a copy of a report as we do not mail or fax copies of reports. The hours are listed below. There are some days when records is open to 5:30pm. Call the day you want to come by to see if records will be open late that day.


Hours: 8:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Saturday 





Reports take a minimum of three (3) business days before they are available for release.

Reports $0.50 per page  
Photos (if available) $6.00 each Must submit a letter addressed to Captain G. MacNamara requesting the photo
Tape Recordings (if available) $10.00 each Must submit a letter addressed to Support Services requesting the tape.

The release of information and report copies are limited by State of Connecticut law. Types of reports that will not be released are:

  • Pending cases

  • Arrest Reports

  • Medical Records

  • signed statements of witnesses

  • information to be used in a prospective law enforcement action

  • investigatory techniques

  • arrest records of juveniles

  • information on the victim of sexual assault

  • uncorroborated allegations

Refer to Connecticut General Statute 1-210 for complete list.



The records division will perform local record checks for residents of the Town of Fairfield. There is no fee for this service. These checks will only be for the Town of Fairfield. For a check of State of Connecticut records you must contact the Connecticut State Police.




Found property is held for six (6) months depending on the item. If the item is not claimed we will contact the person who found the item to see if they want it. If the finder does not want the item then it will be disposed of. Some items, such items of no value will be disposed of prior to the six (6) months. Note: Items found by police officers are not returned to that officer. The items are turned over to the State of Connecticut or destroyed.


The owner of any property seized in connection with a criminal case must go through the Bridgeport Court to recover the items. Depending on the type of case and the items we do have the option to photograph the item and then return it to the owner. Direct any questions to records personnel.



Reports are usually held by the Fairfield Police Department for a period of ten (10) years.

If you want a copy of multiple reports (such as a copy of all accidents that occurred between certain dates or at a particular location) you must submit a letter to the Administrative Captain (Captain Robert Comers) requesting this information. After receipt of the letter you will be contacted as to the availability of the requested records.



For questions contact our Record Division at 203-254-4819 or 203-254-4820. You can also e-mail Officer Rosen or Officer T. Parker.