Conflicts With Coyotes Seminar.

 Conflicts With Coyotes Seminar.                                                                                                                                On July 17th at 7 pm a public information coyote seminar sponsored by Fairfield Animal Control will be held on the 2nd floor board meeting room of the Riverview Park building located at 501 Kings Highway East, Fairfield. The seminar is free for the public to attend. The featured speaker will be urban wildlife expert Lynsey White Dasher. Dasher will speak about resolving coyote conflicts, including sightings of coyotes in neighborhoods, attacks on domestic pets, and fear for human safety. Dasher will also teach the latest hazing techniques for addressing habituated or bold coyotes. She will also cover what types of coyote behavior constitute a true risk and where public education can best reduce human-coyote conflicts. For further information call Fairfield Animal Control at 203-254-4857.

Telecomunicator Week

Everyday citizens call 911 to request help from police, fire departments and emergency medical services. Within minutes of that call emergency personnel arrive to render assistance for a wide range of emergencies and other situations. These responders are often seen as heroes by people in their communities. What the citizens often fail to see are the invisible, but extremely important, segment of the emergency services team, the 911 dispatcher. These dedicated and highly trained individuals are a key component of the emergency response team.

 The second week of April is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. This was established to recognize all those public safety dispatchers who work round the clock to receive calls, gather needed information and send the appropriate rescuers. Without these individuals rescuers could not receive calls for service, request resources and conduct emergency operations.

 In the Town of Fairfield the Emergency Communication Center employs 15 telecomminicators. These dispatchers are trained to answer calls from the public, make decisions as to what resources are needed and assist responders with response coordination. In addition they are trained to give instructions to callers on how to provide basic emergency medical care, steps to take before the arrival of emergency personnel and other important tasks.

 The Emergency Communication Center is located at the police department and ECC personnel handle difficult, emotional and stressful situations daily. They provide a calming and professional voice to those people calling for help. 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our emergency communications center personnel. Without them our emergency responders would not get the information they need to perform their duties. They work under stressful conditions and are often the forgotten link in the emergency services team.” said Captain Donald Smith of the Fairfield Police Department, supervisor of the emergency communications center. “All of Fairfield’s telecommunicators take their job seriously and the public needs to know the important role they play when help is needed.”

Please take a moment to pause and remember how "dial 911" is so ingrained in our memory and a big part of  the lessons we teach our children.  Then think for a moment about the people on the other end of that phone ready to get you the help you need.  Sometimes we all forget their value.

Chief Gary MacNamara

Crime Alert - Scam

On March 10, 2012 a man at the Barnes and Noble in Westport was approached by a well dressed female who pointed to the man's jacket and said there was a substance on it that he should go and wash off.  At her suggestion the man went to the men's room and while in there was approached by a well dressed man who offered to hold his jacket and help him clean it. 

The man finished and continued shopping.  A short time later he realized his wallet was missing and found out his AMEX card was used at Costco in Milford where $2500.00 was charged. 

Please be aware and let others know of this incident to prevent further scams.  It is beleived these two individuals worked together to steal the wallet and had a third person at Costco.

 Chief Gary MacNamara


Telecommunicator Joe Thomas

Providing public safety service, whether POLICE, FIRE, or EMS, requires trained telecommunicators often operating in the background, to answer emergency calls, and dispatch resources.  Once dispatched, the resources require constant communication back to headquarters to effectively handle most incidents.

This past week, the Town of Fairfield lost one of those individuals who for over twenty years dedicated his work to providing those emergency services .  Telecommunicator Joe Thomas passed away last week.  For over twenty years he was there for the community and our emergency service personnel to answer all our calls for help. 

While the other members of our emergency dispatch center continue to respond to all our calls for help, they do so while missing a friend and a colleague. 


We all owe a big thank you to Telecommunicator Joe Thomas for his years of service to the town of Fairfield.

Thanks Joe.  You will be missed!

Chief Gary MacNamara

Winter is here!

Although the weather over the last several weeks might have made you doubt it, todays light brush with snow and freezing temperatures  should remind all of us we are actually in winter. 

It is a perfect time to remember to check your vehicle to ensure it is prepared for winter driving.  Snow tires, windshield fluid, charged battery and other items to help you brave the winter driving  should be in your vehicle.  In addition remember the bad weather requires extra time for starting and stopping, and often means longer commutes.  Allow for extra time to get to and from your destination.

As a reminder a New Public Act requires operators of motor vehicles to remove accumulated snow and ice from their motor vehicle so as not to pose a threat to others.  Failure to do so may result in an infraction.  Please clean you vehicle of all obstructions to ensure you can see and flying snow and ice does not hurt others.

It may have been a long time coming, but winter is here, or at least today it showed signs of it.


Chief Gary MacNamara