Winter is here!

Although the weather over the last several weeks might have made you doubt it, todays light brush with snow and freezing temperatures  should remind all of us we are actually in winter. 

It is a perfect time to remember to check your vehicle to ensure it is prepared for winter driving.  Snow tires, windshield fluid, charged battery and other items to help you brave the winter driving  should be in your vehicle.  In addition remember the bad weather requires extra time for starting and stopping, and often means longer commutes.  Allow for extra time to get to and from your destination.

As a reminder a New Public Act requires operators of motor vehicles to remove accumulated snow and ice from their motor vehicle so as not to pose a threat to others.  Failure to do so may result in an infraction.  Please clean you vehicle of all obstructions to ensure you can see and flying snow and ice does not hurt others.

It may have been a long time coming, but winter is here, or at least today it showed signs of it.


Chief Gary MacNamara