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Sergeant Hector Irizarry
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In April 2013, Chief Gary MacNamara appointed Patrol Sergeant Hector Irizzary as the new K-9 Supervisor of the unit.  Sgt. Irizarry was hired in 1998 and has previous experience in canine unit supervision.  He will oversee the day to day operations, training and work schedule for the K-9 handler.  Sgt. Irizarry is committed to the program and will consider expanding the unit as the needs of the department change and calls for police service increases.


Program, Training and Financing

The K-9 Unit Supervisor is responsible for planning and scheduling all training for the members of the unit. The K-9 Unit Supervisor will produce documentation and retain certification certificates for officer’s training files as well as the following additional administrative duties:

  • report to the Chief any vacancies in the unit
  • review applications for assignment to the unit
  • conduct interviews of qualified candidates
  • documentation of accounts receivables from donations
  • general supervision of all police canine teams
  • organizing and documenting all training
  • reviewing “Use of K-9” reports, on all situations when a police canine is utilized
  • reviewing all incidents in which a person is injured or property is damaged by a police canine
  • reviewing all incidents in which a police canine is injured
  • assuring that all police canines maintain certification
  • review and document veterinarian care
  • purchasing equipment


Past Fundraising Events

Sherman School: 2/17/12



Sturm Ruger



Margaret, a 7th grade student at a local middle school made a large donation to the K-9 Unit.  She entered into a dance competition and due to her love of dogs elected to donate her winnings and tickets sales, to the FPD K-9 Unit.  Thanks to Margaret the program continues to be a success.


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