2014 “Click it or Ticket” Campaign Statistics

Throughout the past two weeks, the Fairfield Police Department has participated in the statewide “Click it or Ticket” campaign. During the campaign, the department deployed extra patrols and set up check points tasked primarily with conducting seatbelt enforcement.

The results of the two weeks of enforcement department-wide are listed below.

2014 “Click it or Ticket” Campaign Statistics:

  • Seatbelt Infractions – 232
  • Child Safety Seat Infractions – 3
  • Speeding Infractions – 10
  • DUI Arrests – 2
  • Other Traffic Citations – 186
  • Non Traffic Related Infractions/Citations – 13

Prior to the “Click it or Ticket” campaign beginning, a pre-survey was conducted by observing 200 drivers. That survey showed that 85% of drivers were wearing their seatbelts. At the conclusion of the campaign a post-survey was conducted at the same location and time of day and showed that 89.5% of drivers were now wearing their seatbelts.

Although this wave of “Click it or Ticket” has come to an end, the Fairfield Police Department would like to remind all drivers to buckle up when in any vehicle.

“No Excuses. Buckle Up… It’s the Law. It’s Enforced.”