Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs ensures the appropriate release of information to the news media in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and departmental policies. The release of information is handled in a manner so as to respect the public's right to know and protect ongoing police investigations so that a potential criminal prosecution is not jeopardized. The Office of Public Affairs also serves to assist at the scene of any major incident, handling media activities on site.

The Office of Public Affairs is also responsible for providing information about crime statistics, the Department, its functions, policies and procedures, Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch programs, services, and related events. In addition, the this Office facilitates community outreach programs and works with corporate partners implementing new programs.

The Office of Public Affairs is a local sponsor of high school and college interns providing students with invaluable hands-on experience which will help them with their college and career choices. This division paticipates in Fairfield Triad and coordinates with local and state agencies the protective services for senior citizens involving suspected abuse, financial fraud, scams and neglect.  

Chief of Police, Gary MacNamara, recognizes that an important and essential building block of a police agency is open communication with the public it serves. Chief MacNamara firmly believes this will ensure the confidence, respect and trust of the citizens of Fairfield.

Public Affairs Functions & Community Programs:

Press Releases  |  Neighborhood Watch  |  TRIAD  |  SafeReturn Network  |  RUOK

Silver Alerts  |  Home Security Surveys  |  Identity Theft Presentations  |  DARE

Crime Information Forums  |  Group Tours  |  Intern Program  |  Police Car Ride Auction


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Halloween 2012

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the unfortunate cancellation of Halloween for children in Fairfield.  The Police, Fire and Town employees hosted a party on Saturday, November 10th 2012 at the downtown railroad station.



Fairfield Police launch a new water safety program with
Stew Leonard III Children's Charities

On August 8th, 2012, " Stewie the Duck " came to the Sherman Green Peanut Butter Jam, to help with a book reading and song.  Stew Leonard's Children's Charities promotes water safety for K-2 grade students.  Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim, will be integrated into the regular Officer Friendly Program.




Press Releases -The Office is the principal point of contact for the Fairfield Police Department with the news media. It is responsible for ensuring that the public is informed about the Department's activities and about the priorities and policies of the Chief with regard to law enforcement and legal affairs.

The Office of Public Affairs prepares and issues Department news releases and frequently reviews and approves those issued by other divisions.  It serves reporters by responding to queries, issuing news releases and statements, arranging interviews and conducting news conferences. The Office of Public Affairs issues approximately 300 news releases each year involving the activities of the Department.

The Office ensures that information provided to the news media by the Department is current, complete and accurate. It also ensures that all applicable laws, regulations and policies involving the release of information to the public are followed so that maximum disclosure is made without jeopardizing investigations and prosecutions, violating rights of individuals, or compromising department security interests.

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Neighborhoods Watch Net- a comprehensive crime prevention program intended to educate the community on matters of safety, emergency management and crime prevention. Team leaders are developed and thoroughly informed on important matters, regarding specific problem areas in your neighborhood, with the goal of effectively educating the public, resulting in a safer, security minded environment.  

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TRIAD - Senior citizen crime prevention and post victimization programs. This program focuses on senior citizen trends with regards to crime waves against seniors. Specific initiatives are implemented to supplement and help seniors overcome fear of crime that may target them, while arming them with effective strategies. 

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SafeReturn Network - The SafeReturn Network is a computer database developed to assist emergency personnel in locating community members who suffer from conditions which making them susceptible to “wandering” and safely returning them home.   Cick here for more information.

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RUOK - The Are You O.K. Program is an electronic reassurance system. It was implemented in 1998 for the elderly, handicapped or homebound on a daily basis to help guarantee their well-being and safety. It allows you to register with the Fairfield Police Department to receive a phone call at your residence, electronically at a predetermined time everyday. If there is no answer the computer will make a second attempt and if there is still no answer the computer alerts the Emergency Communications Center and a police officer is dispatched to the residence to check on the welfare of the subscriber.

There is no charge for this service, and you may pick up an application to register at the Fairfield Police Department or at the front office of the Senior Center (100 Mona terrace, Fairfield) or download and print from the following links:

Are You Ok Program Application   |   Are You OK Update Form

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Silver Alert This alert does for missing persons with dementia and other cognitive impairments what the AMBER Alert System does for missing children – it helps speed up the process of finding them.  Specifically, the SILVER Alert System applies to any missing person age 18 or older who has a mental impairment or is 65 years of age or older.  The Silver Alert System creates an emergency notification for law enforcement agencies to broadcast local, or statewide public alerts via radio, television, and electronic highway signs.  It mandates that law enforcement immediately begin searching for such missing individuals.

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Home security survey – Home and business security assessments to prevent vulnerabilities. Practical and useful information to heighten security consciousness, and create an effective, target hardened environment designed to resist crime opportunist.

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Identity Theft Presentations- Highlighting current and past trends of I.D. thefts and scams carried out by criminals. Discussions geared toward reducing victimization and increasing knowledge. Proven techniques taught to reduce your chances of becoming a target of scammers.

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D.A.R.E. program- Drug resistance program taught by certified D.A.R.E. officers to school students

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Crime informational forum - community meetings engaging topics of interest and or concerns to the citizens with regards to crime, safety, etc. These meetings are designed to engage the public in serious discussions involving community problems or changes with regards to police services rendered. These can included any member of the police department including the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police.

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Special interest group tours- tours arranged through public affairs that highlight the work of the police department. Emphasis placed on the different functions throughout the department that result in police services to the community.  Click here for more information.

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Police Intern Program- A widespread job shadowing by a student with a member of the police department intended to prepare the student in all aspects of law enforcement. Each student gets to spend time within all areas of the department.

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Police auction car ride- In the spirit of giving, this community fundraiser helps group’s raise money by auctioning off a police car ride. All proceeds go to the charity of choice.

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