Safe Zones

Fairfield Police Traffic Safety Unit


     The Fairfield Police Department is committed to making the streets of Fairfield safe for all people who travel on our roads every day by combating distracted driving as well as all other traffic violations.  By achieving this goal, the Fairfield Police Department continually educates the public through public relation articles, community programs, and specialized courses held at the police department. 

If you have an traffic related concerns please feel free to contact the Traffic Safety Unit at:

 PH: 203-254-4850, FAX: 203-254-4543 or submit your complaint online using the Problem Area Submission Form below:


Problem Area Submission Form 




 Safe Zones: is a new initiative taken by the Traffic Enforcement Unit. One of the goals is to have a safe motoring public that is courteous and accident free. In pursuit of this goal, the department will begin to periodically designate "Safe Zones" throughout the Town. These "Safe Zones" are areas in which traffic enforcement will be increased in an effort to gain traffic law compliance.

Working together and obeying the law, perhaps we can reduce traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities by making our streets safer places to drive.


Campaigns for safe driving in Fairfield include:

  • D.U.I. enforcement
  • Click it or Ticket
  • Cell Phone - hands free devices
  • Speed Trailers



 Fairfield Police Traffic Safety Unit in the news and specialized traffic safety articles.



I.  Education

  Upcoming Courses Held at the Police Department

AAA Driver Improvement Class : 2013




A) Safe Driving for Mature Operators

Dates: Feb 27th, April 24th, June 26th, Sept 25th, Nov 20th

Time: 5:30 PM till 10:00 PM

Location:100 Reef Road, Fairfield CT. 06825


B) Dare to Prepare - Teen/Parent Workshop

Dates: Jan 9th, March 13th, May 8th, July 10th, Oct 9th

Time: 6:30 PM till 8:00 PM

Location:100 Reef Road, Fairfield CT. 06825


To register call Jackie Pesticci at AAA: PH#203-937-2595, Ext:468




     This program educates teens and young adults on the dangers of driving under the influence, which details the series of events after 911 is called when a major crash is reported.  

     The program sends a critical message to students that intoxicated drivers do not make smart decisions when they decide to get behind the wheel.  This education benefits the public as a whole, and it can lead to fewer alcohol related crashes involving teenage drivers.  

     Attending agencies, Fairfield Police Department, Fairfield Fire Department, AMR Ambulance, Lesko and Polke Funeral Home, and the administration of Fairfield Warde High School were all participates in the demonstration.

     The Mock Crash was held at Fairfield Warde High School on May 17th and May 24th in 2012.  






SEAT BELTS - Tips for proper use:

  • Children 12 and under should ride properly restrained in a rear seat.
  • Infants should never ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag.
  • Smaller children should ride in a rear seat in child safety seats approved for their age and size.
  • Check your vehicle owner's manual and the instructions provided with your child safety seat for correct use information.
  • Everyone should buckle both lap and shoulder belts where available.
  • Drivers should sit at least 10 inches from the center of the steering wheel to their breastbone for the clearest margin of safety.
  • Have a person trained in child safety seat installation install your child seat. Check with the Fairfield Police Department Crime Prevention Officer for seatbelt installations.

State law requires all front seat passengers and all children under 16 to wear seatbelts. Children under 6 and under 60 pounds must be in a child safety seat.




2012 Traffic Safety Enforcement Statistics



   PERIOD FROM:  01/01/12 TO 12/31/12    (Total Enforcement)

No Action/Warning Infraction Summons
1855 3457 133
 Parking Ticket Criminal Arrests
 1132 17


DUI Saturation Patrols  

In 2011, The Fairfield Police Department deployed roaming DUI saturation patrols every Friday and Saturday evening between the hours of 1700 hrs to 2100 hrs and 2300 hrs to 0300 hrs.  The patrols are held in the evening hours in an effort to reduce the number of impaired driving injuries and fatalities.  This goal is accomplished through both high visibility patrolling and focused enforcement in the area of occupant protection, speed control, and driving under the influence. 

Saturation patrols are comprised of three officers and one supervisor.  Below are the results of our efforts:

  PERIOD FROM:  01/01/11 TO 12/30/11

DUI No Seatbelts Speeding Uninsured
15 Arrests 167 Arrests, 59 Warnings   95 Arrests, 49 Warnings 2 Arrests
Susp. License     Cell Phone  
17 Arrests 59 Arrests


  "Click it or Ticket" Statistics 


 PERIOD FROM:  05/21/12 TO 06/03/12 AND  12/03/12 TO 12/16/12

No Seatbelts DUI Arrests Speeding
311 Citations 4 Arrests 40 Citations
Other Traffic Violations   Criminal Violations
292 Citations 18 Arrests



III. Engineering

 State DOT and Town Engineering Traffic Surveys



Engineering Efforts for 2011


 Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Program – Federal Grant

(Ludlowe Middle School, Tomlinson Middle School, Riverfield School)


In 2011, the Fairfield Police Department, in coalition with the Public Works Department completed the installation of new sidewalks under a Federal grant that was initiated in 2010.  The Safe Routes project encourages biking and walking to school for students due to physical improvements in the routes to school.  The improvements remind drivers of school zones, addresses access points of parent drop offs and pickups.  The new improvements help reduce speed, and potential conflicts with motor vehicles. 

(Sidewalks for Round Hill Road and Mill Plain Road completed 2011)


1. Improvements to Melville Ave. and Fairfield Woods Rd.

(Sidewalk /Pedestrian Cross walk / traffic light improvements)

  • In 2011, the police department worked in conjuction with the town’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and Engineering Department in redesigning and improving the sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalk, and new pedestrian/ traffic signal lights.  Fairfield Woods Rd. is a major thoroughfare, which intersects Melville Ave.  Three public schools are located on both of these streets.


The improvements made during this project helps both pedestrians and motorists share the Road, and reduce motor vehicle accidents.


Traffic Light Modifications


1. Carter Henry Drive @ Mill Plain Rd & Route# 1

       Complaint of, Short green light cycle for the westbound lane of Carter Henry Drive at Mill Plain Rd.   In 2011, the Fairfield Police Traffic Safety Unit worked in conjuction with the State Department of Transportation to develop a new communting split cycle times (Yellow/Red/Green traffic lights) for the entire intersections of Carter Henry Drive/Mill Plain Rd/Route# 1/Thorpe Street.


2. Jefferson Street at Route # 15 Entrance

        Complaint of, Short green traffic light in the westbound lane on Jefferson Street just prior to RT# 15 on Ramp that causes morning commuting congestion.  In 2011, the Fairfield Police Traffic Safety Unit worked in conjuction with the State Department of Transportation to raise both the max times for the green/yellow traffic light in the westbound lane from 13 seconds to 18 secounds.  This change improved traffic congestion atthe intersection by adding 5 seconds to the green/yellow traffic light thus alleviating early morning traffic congestions. 


During 2011, The Traffic Safety Unit had made numerous other improvement to the streets of Fairfield that include, but not limited to Traffic signs, roadway modifications, and various parking improvements.