Special Traffic Agents



Special Traffic Agent is a unit under the Special Services Division. The Fairfield Police Department is currently authorized to have up to 100 special agents. These agents work with our regular police officers and assist us with our community policing efforts.

Special Agents perform a wide range of functions including:


  • Parking enforcement at beaches, railroad stations and the center of Town.

  • Security at railroad stations and beaches

  • Community policing patrols in the downtown area

  • Traffic details as needed.

Special Traffic Agents work part-time and their assignment can vary according to the needs of the Police Department. They receive training in issuing parking tickets, traffic control and other topics but they are not certified police officers. Special Traffic Agents in Fairfield do not make arrests.


The history of the Special Traffic Agent (Police Officer) in Fairfield goes back to the Second World War. Many of the special officers played a vital role within the department while sworn officers were fighting overseas.

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