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The Support Services Bureau is commanded by Captain Donald Smith who reports directly to the Chief of Police. He is assisted by one lieutenant, Michael Walsh and one Sergeant Gregory Gunter, four officers, Officers Barry Rosen, Ken Evans, Tyron Parker and Brian Lersner. The captain is responsible for the Training Unit, Records Unit, Emergency Communication Center and Department Supplies.

Captain Smith is also responsible for the supervision and management of a number of ongoing projects within the department related to systems and technology.

The Support Services Bureau of the Fairfield Police Department is responsible for the following functions:

Recruitment and Selection            

The Support Services Bureau is responsible for Recruitment and Selection and is dedicated to recruiting and selecting qualified candidates for the position of Police officer. This process includes administering all testing phases from the written examination up until applicants are appointed to the Municipal Training Academy


The Support Services Bureau is responsible for maintaining certification and providing state-mandated training for members of the Fairfield Police Department.  The unit coordinates training in several subject areas and is responsible for training approximately one-third of the sworn personnel each year. Several Areas of training are provided by department officers who have been state-certified by the Police Officer Standards Training Council (POSTC) in specific curriculum areas. Some of the areas that receive specialized training include: Emergency Response Team,  K-9 UnitMarine Unit, Accident investigation, Criminal investigation, Critical incidents and Management / Supervision.


The Support Services Bureau processes and maintains all reports produced by Police Department staff and are responsible for the maintenance and security of Criminal Records, Information Technology, Arrest Record Erasures and Evidence. 

The Support Services Bureau staff greets customers, answers phones, prepares a number of reports, conducts background checks and also produces all mandated State and Federal statistical reports for regional and national law enforcement data systems. 

Through the automation of police files, this unit provides technical assistance and performs computer services for the Police Department. Information Services are also provided to field officers in order to combat crime problems and assist in criminal analysis.

Fairfield Police Citizen’s Academy

A 10 week program designed to get a glimpse at police life within the police department. Provides deep insight into the relationship between law enforcement and the community it serves. Classes include presentations by all divisions of the police department. This course is designed to give the citizen student a  chance to see life through the eyes of police personnel.

The course of study will cover many aspects of police operations, including: Patrol Procedures, Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigations, Gangs, Narcotics, State's Attorney Office, Processing Crime Scenes, Stolen Cars and other assorted topics.

The program will also include an opportunity to ride along with a Fairfield Police officer and to participate in firearms training.

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Emergency Communication Center           

The Fairfield Emergency Communications Center is responsible for receiving all 911 emergency calls, as well as non-emergency Police and Fire calls. The communications center employs 15 full-time telecommunicator’s and handles approximately 250,000 phone calls per year. They are trained in emergency police and fire dispatching, emergency medical dispatching and the handling of routine calls for both police and fire departments.

The Emergency Communications Center operates under the supervision of both the Fairfield Police and Fairfield Fire Departments. It is located in the Fairfield Police Department headquarters and was recently updated. Communications are computerized and work off of multiple radio towers. 

The police vehicles are also equipped with mobile data terminals that allow officers to access law enforcement computer and information networks as well as send confidential information car to car and to other police departments.

CodeRed 911

The Town of Fairfield has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license a new and improved high-speed phone notification system, CodeRED, which replaces Reverse 911 and provides Fairfield officials with the ability to quickly deliver phone messages to targeted areas or to the entire Town in emergency situations.

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Burglar Alarm Ordinance Appeal Form

If you believe that the burglar alarm at your residence or business the Fairfield Police responded to was not a "False Alarm" you may complete this form. The appeal must be received within 30 days of the alarm. You will be notified of the hearing date and time.

Burglar Alarm Ordinance Appeal Form