Support Services Bureau


Captain Josh Zabin
Support Services Bureau Commander

 The Support Services Bureau of the Fairfield Police Department is responsible for the following functions:


Evidence Management
Outside Jobs
Alarm Ordinance
ECC Budget
Building Maintenance and Supplies
Information Technology
Arrest Record Erasures
Information Management and Communications
Police Officer Hiring Coordination
Police web site- The Fairfield police web site is provided so the community can access useful information regarding police services and includes a spot where one can lodge a request or a complaint. It also contains a directory of all personnel and divisions.
Reverse 911- A comprehensive telephone alert system which can pinpoint any neighborhood or the entire town and convey important information in cases of emergencies affecting said neighborhood. All messages are prerecorded and sent directly to you via telephone and has the unique capability of leaving a voice message on your telephone answering machine.

  Information Management and Communications   Administrative Division  
      Lieutenant Walsh  
  Sergeant Gunter      
  Officer Evans   Records and Evidence  
      Officer Rosen  
  Emergency Communications Center   Officer Parker  
      Outside Jobs and Alarm Ordinance