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The information below is provided to alert you to certain ordinances that are enforced by the Fairfield Police Department. This is not a complete list of all town ordinances or all ordinances that the police can enforce. The below summaries of Town of Fairfield ordinances are not the complete text. For the complete and specific text you must refer to the actual ordinances.





72-9: No person shall throw or deposit any commercial or non-commercial handbill in or upon any vehicle located upon any town-owned and/or maintained property.

Any person found violating any provision of this chapter, unless otherwise specified, shall be fined in the amount of $75.00. The person violating this section shall also be responsible for retrieving and disposing of any handbills, including those that have fallen off or been discarded from the vehicle onto which they were placed.



102-2: The operation of vehicles in town parks shall be limited to the roadways and parking areas, or other areas as specified.


52-2, 52-3: There shall be no littering or consumption of alcoholic beverages on Board of Education property.



72-1: No person shall throw or deposit litter in or upon any street, sidewalk or other public place within the town.

72-5: No person, while driver or passenger in a motor vehicle, shall throw or deposit litter upon any street or public place within the town or upon any private property.



91-3: No person shall ride any bicycle upon any sidewalk in the town made for the special convenience of foot passengers or shall ride or drive any horse or any vehicle drawn by a horse or horses upon any such sidewalk.



46-5: No person shall consume or have in such person's possession with the intent to consume any alcoholic liquor upon or within the limits of any public highway or sidewalk or parking area within the town. This also includes the interior or exterior of any parked vehicles in the aforementioned areas.



The following are some of the rules that are in effect at Town parks, beaches and open spaces:

  • No person shall dress or undress in any portion of any public beach except in buildings designed for such purpose.

  • Persons using Town beach facilities and swimming in designated areas shall be appropriately attired.

  • Loitering on the patio area of Jennings Beach pavilion, Penfield Pavilion, or the Lake Mohegan pavilion is prohibited.

  • Loaded firearms are prohibited on any Town beach, marina, or open space, except when carried by law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Town parks, beaches, marinas, or pen spaces without the express written permission of the Park Commission or Conservation Commission.

  • No glass containers or glass utensils shall be carried into or used in any public beach or parking area.

  • No licensed domestic animals shall be permitted to enter or to roam in any park, play lot or marina. No attended domestic animals shall be permitted to enter any Town beach or marina, except for the period from October 1 to April 1.

  • No person shall light, kindle or use any fire on any Town beach, park, marina, or open space, except in receptacles installed for this purpose, or by the authority of the Park Commission or Conservation Commission.

  • Swimming at South Benson Boat Basin and Ye Yacht Yard in Southport, is prohibited.

  • All open spaces are open from dawn to one hour after sunset.

  • The operation of a motorized vehicle is prohibited on ant Town park or open space.

  • No stone or other missile shall be thrown or rolled from , into, within or upon any park or open space area.

  • Hunting, trapping, and discharging of firearms on or into any park or open space is prohibited.

  • Threatening, abusive, boisterous, insulting or indecent language or gesture in any beach, marina, park, or open space is prohibited.

  • No person shall expose any article or thing for sale in any Town beach, marina, park, or open space area unless a permit is issued by the Park Commission or Conservation Commission.

  • No person shall discharge or set off within any Town beach, park, or open space area, firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets, or any other fireworks, except under special permit...

  • No bottles, broken glass, waste paper, or other rubbish, shall be left in any Town beach, park, marina, or open space area, except in containers designated for that purpose.

  • Golfing in Town parks and open space areas is prohibited without express permission of the Park Commission, the Conservation Commission, or their designee, as appropriate.

  • Mountain bikes or other un-motorized bicycles may be used on Conservation Department designated open space trails only. At no time may mountain bikes be taken off the trails.

  • No dumping is allowed on open space property.




For information on the alarm ordinance, click the link below:



Alarm Ordinance




Town of Fairfield Ordinance 99-2

 “No person shall engage in business as a transient merchant within the Town unless he/she shall have a transient merchant’s license issued by the Chief of Police.

 Transient Merchant is described as: Any person who, as principal agent, either goes from place to place or occupies a roadside or outside stand or booth, including a vehicle from which sales are made, selling or offering for sale any goods, wares or merchandise for purchase for immediate or future delivery, which shall include any offer to sell or offer of any printed material and sales of or contracts for sales of services to be performed within the Town of Fairfield.

 The following are exempt from the above definition: 

  • A farmer or gardener selling the produce from their own farm or garden.

  •  Persons engaged in the sale, distribution and delivery of milk, tea, coffee, spices, groceries, meats, bakery goods or newspapers.

  •  Salespeople selling goods to retail or wholesale establishments within the Town for resale.

  •  Salespeople taking orders for merchandise for future delivery when full payment is not required when the order is solicited.

  •  Regularly schedule route salespeople.

  •  Vendors at fairs on Town or Board of Education property.

  •  Any person engaged in the selling of goods and services on behalf or under the authority of any charitable or nonprofit organization having a Connecticut officer or registered with the Secretary of the State of Connecticut.

  •  Persons requested to call upon a private residence by the owner or occupant thereof.

  •  Person using a roadside or outside stand on the same site as an established business owned or operated by the same person, (Zoning regulations may apply.  Property owners should check with Town of Fairfield Zoning Department).

  •  Minor using a roadside or outside stand or booth located at their home. 


Questions regarding transient merchant permit should be directed to the Fairfield Police Department, Detective Division at 203-254-4840.

 Penalties for violating any of the provisions of this ordinance, or making any false statement or misrepresentation of fact, for the purpose of obtaining permission to solicit orders shall, upon conviction thereof, and in addition to other penalties provided by law, be subject to a fine not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.), each solicitation or sale being deemed a separate offense.  Persons engaged in any of the activities listed under the definition of transient merchant shall conform to the following regulations: 

  • Conduct themselves at all times in an orderly and lawful manner.

  •  Clearly state the purpose of the contact, (to make a sale and general goods or services offered).

  •  Give a written, signed receipt (describing the item or service sold, total price, amount of payment received)

  •  Not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic

  •  Shall not sell on the street, sidewalk or other public place:  Spray string, stink bombs, and similar devices.

 The above are excerpt from the Town ordinance. 

 If you feel you are being mistreated by a solicitor call the Fairfield Police at 203-254-4800 or 911.


Traveling sales crews have been operating since ancient times.  Stories of men traversing ancient civilizations to sell and trade goods can be found in history books from all over the world.  In the United States there are many stories of men selling household goods door-to-door in the mid 1800’s.  Around 1853, the problem became so bad that some states started enacting laws to deal with annoying peddlers, drummers, and canvassers.  After 1929 the great depression started and again men went to work going door-to-door selling goods to make enough money to survive.  After WWII, veterans who returned home with war wounds could be found going door-to-door using their wounds to gain sympathy to help make sales of goods and books.  In the 1980’ Congress held two congressional hearings on the sales crews.  Nothing changed and the only regulations were found through state and local governments.  Today crews can be found selling everything from bogus coupons, candy, cleaning products, magazine subscriptions, books, vacuum cleaners, cell phones and asphalt to pave your driveway. 


 It seems like door to door sales crews have been canvassing our towns and neighborhoods in increasing numbers since telemarketing crews have lost ground to “no call lists”.  Many of the crews who operate in our area are operating illegally by not having the necessary permits.  It is not unusual for sales crews committing fraud to operate without permits to avoid detection from government agencies who would prosecute them for their illegal activities.  Many sales crews commit other crimes such as burglary, theft, harassment and assaults. 


 When someone knocks at your door, acknowledge you are home.  Talk through the door without opening it.  If you don’t answer, and it happens to be a criminal type, they may attempt to break into your home.  Remember, You are NOT obligated to open the door to anyone.  Identification should always be verified before opening the door.  A wide angle door viewer is recommended if visibility of callers is not possible.  Service representatives, such as chimney repair or asphalt paving, should have appointments and not just “show up” at your door. 

 DO NOT rely on a door chain for security.  Partially opening a door equipped with a door chain is a practice which must be discouraged, the door is not secure.  A door chain can not withstand any physical force.

 Talk to the person through the door.  If you don’t know the person, don’t open the door.

 Ask the individual what they need.  If they indicate they have a car problem, or were involved in an accident, offer to call the police for assistance. The idea is to keep the individual outside and you make the call for them.  There is a chance that it is legitimate and a chance that they may be trying to scam you.  

 A solicitor can not make any statements that misrepresent the activity for which they have been authorized by their permit to solicit. 

 A solicitor may be fraudulent if they:  Behaves aggressively, acts threatening or tries to make you feel guilty for not wanting what they are selling.

 Pressures you for an immediate decision and demands cash only.

 Refuses to supply paperwork to substantiate what they claim to be selling or to give a contact phone number and address for whom they claim to work.

 Ask for your bank account or Social Security numbers.  An individual who supplies account information may also become the victim of identity theft. 

 Attempts to make entry into your home, by opening doors or entering under the guise of having to use the bathroom or asking for food or water. 


  • If it seems too good to be true, It usually is.

  • If you feel uncomfortable opening your door to a solicitor for any reason, don’t!

  • If you suspect a solicitor is not legitimate, DO NOT hesitate to call the Fairfield Police Department and request an officer be sent to your neighborhood.

  • The Fairfield Police may be reached at 203-254-4800 or 911 for emergencies.

 Click here to view a sample Transient Merchant ID Card





State law prohibits the posting of signs on utility poles. Violators may be fined.


REMINDER: The above is for general informational purposes only. This is not a complete list of all town ordinances or all ordinances that the police can enforce. The above summaries of Town of Fairfield ordinances are not the complete text. For the complete and specific text you must refer to the actual ordinances.