Youth Programs




The Fairfield Police Department officers several programs that are aimed specifically at school aged children. Officers are selected to participate in these programs and serve in their positions for several years. They receive training in their specific programs and work closely with the schools and students to help educate youth and prevent problems before they occur. The programs are constantly reviewed and updated as necessary.



Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The D.A.R.E. program is a ten (10) week program presented in the Fairfield School System, both public and private, at the 5th or 6th grade level. It is a program designed to incorporate police, parents and teachers to help students avoid drugs and violence. Students see their D.A.R.E. Officer once a week for a 45 to 60 minute class time. The lessons focus on numerous topics, including:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Self-Esteem, Assertiveness
  • Stress
  • Solving Problems
  • Resisting Violence
  • Drug Facts

The program culminates with a graduation ceremony where parents and awards are distributed.

The Fairfield Police Department has two officers assigned to teach the D.A.R.E program. The officers may serve in this position for several years. 

For information call: 203-254-4808


The Officer Friendly program is intended for children in Kindergarten through Third Grade and is taught in both public and private schools. The officer assigned to this position also runs educational programs and conducts tours of the Fairfield Police Department for scouts and other youth groups .

The Officer Friendly program has several goals:

  • To establish a rapport among students, parents and the police officer by providing the students an opportunity to learn about law enforcement and the law, through visits by Officer Friendly.

  • To provide the students with the opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens and o encourage them to form positive attitudes toward their own welfare and the welfare of others.

  • To foster a more supportive attitude toward law enforcement officials by informing the students about the many services that police officers provide to the community. 

  • To show the students how to cope with physical hazards and other dangers in their environment.

There are three phases to the Officer Friendly program:

  • Phase I: Advises the children who and what to look for during Halloween and a basic introduction to a police officer, as well as when and how to use "911". Also to introduce gun safety and what to do if a child comes across a gun. "No-Go-Tell".

  • Phase II: "Stranger Danger" and "No-Go-Tell". This phase shows the children the possible tricks strangers might do to get a child to go with the stranger. Also introduces the "Buddy System".

  • Phase III: Summer Safety and Bicycle Safety. Goes over safety rules for summer time activities. Crossing the street, how to ride a bicycle safely (helmet, pads and checking condition of the bike before riding). and beach and playground safety.

The above goals and phases are accomplished through lecture, handouts, role playing exercises and other teaching methods. Officers are selected to this position by a selection committee within the Fairfield Police Department and serve in this position for several years.

For information call: 203-254-4808