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The Fairfield Police Foundation CT, Inc. was founded in August 2021 and seeks to support the mission and essential functions of the Fairfield Police Department and its personnel.

The Foundation’s purpose is to raise and distribute funds to the Fairfield Police Department for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, essential equipment, technology and training typically outside the municipal budget, costs associated with officer wellness initiatives, and the continued community funding of the Fairfield Police K9 Unit.

Additionally, the Fairfield Police Foundation CT, Inc. seeks to support officer recognition programs and other items which typically fall outside of a typical police budget in order to make the job of a Fairfield Police Officer, safer, healthier and more sustainable.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of a several Fairfield Residents and Business Owners.  These individuals have dedicated themselves to assisting in funding a variety of initiatives through a number of fundraising activities.  The Fairfield Police Department’s Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police act as Ex-Officio members of the Board in order to provide guidance and assistance to the Board with regard to the needs of the agency and to assist with the activities and direction of the foundation.

As a way of supporting of the women and men of the Fairfield Police Department, we ask that you please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Fairfield Police Foundation CT, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The foundations tax identification number is EIN 87-2485591. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated by the Fairfield Police Department and its personnel who remain dedicated to maintaining a safe community, protecting life and property, reducing crime and the fear of crime and to performing its function in a manner which promotes public trust and confidence.

Fundraising Initiatives:

Officer Wellness & General Contributions:

The Fairfield Police Department is committed to prioritizing the well-being of our officers. Our goal is to ensure a holistic approach to their health, encompassing physical fitness, mental well-being, and stress management. The Peer Support Program, facilitated by the Bureau Commander, establishes a confidential network within the department, offering essential assistance to colleagues facing personal or professional challenges. By emphasizing officer wellness, we aim to cultivate a resilient force capable of delivering the highest level of service to our community.

Donate to Officer Wellness Initiatives & the General Fund here:

Community Safety & Behavioral Health:

Support a safer and healthier community by contributing to our "Community Safety and Behavioral Health" fund. Your donation fuels vital initiatives, including traffic and pedestrian safety measures, ensuring our streets are secure for everyone. Additionally, your support helps sustain the Fairfield Police Behavioral Health Network, fostering mental well-being within our force and the community. Together, we create a foundation for safety, resilience, and a stronger community bond. Contribute today and be a part of building a safer and more compassionate Fairfield.

Donate to the Community Safety and Behavioral Health Fund here:

K9 Unit:

The Fairfield Police K9 Unit has been a vital force in our community's safety since its establishment in 2010. The K9 Unit is not just a presence but a powerful tool in the fight against crime. From conducting building searches to tracking suspects and even crowd control, our K9s play a decisive role in ensuring the safety of our town.

Your donation directly contributes to the success of the K9 Unit, providing essential funding for:

  • Building searches
  • Tracking and searching for missing persons, suspects, or evidence
  • Apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Narcotic raids and searches
  • Crowd control for violent and/or unruly crowds
  • Handler and officer protection

Please consider making a donation to sustain and enhance the capabilities of our K9 Unit. We rely on the generosity of corporate and private donations from the community to ensure the continued success of this invaluable team. Your support not only protects our officers but also strengthens our collective commitment to a safer Fairfield. 

Donate to the K9 Unit Fund here:

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