Lifesaving Award – Officer Guilfoyle


During the meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners on November 13, 2019, Officer Michael Guilfoyle was recognized for the following:

On July 24, 2015, the Fairfield Emergency Communications Center put out a broadcast to attempt to locate a suicidal female whose phone was pinged and showed to be in the area of Lakewood Drive in Fairfield. Officer Guilfoyle responded and while searching the area he located a young woman who had just hanged herself with a belt on the property of Black Rock Congregational Church.  The woman resisted his efforts to release the belt at which time Officer Guilfoyle placed the woman in a bear hug and lifted her, easing the constricting tension around her neck. Officer Guilfoyle held her up until a second officer arrived on scene and cut the woman free from the belt.

Officer Guilfoyle’s actions interrupted a suicide attempt and saved the woman’s life. He has brought great credit upon himself, our profession, and the Fairfield Police Department, and he is most deserving of the Lifesaving Medal.