Diversity and LGBTQ Advisory Group

The Fairfield Police Department recognizes the need for a diverse workforce which represents and promotes diversity in the Police Department and within the Town of Fairfield.  As such, the Fairfield Police Diversity and LGBTQ Advisory Group represents the diverse viewpoints of the citizens of Fairfield and the members of this Department.  They are tasked with promoting a diverse workforce as well as responding to issues that directly impact diversity and LGBTQ concerns within our community.

In addition, the officers who serve as members of this advisory group are available to address diversity and LGBTQ related concerns in the Department and within the community, as well as ensure that those concerns reach the proper Town officials in order to be addressed.

Advisory Group members will receive additional training related to diversity and LGBTQ related issues.

The goal of this group is to eliminate any possible discrimination with their realm of influence and, when possible, to assist in educating the public on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Advisory Group Members:
Lieutenant Hector Irizarry

(203) 254-4825

Sergeant Romaine Chamberlain

(203) 254-4808

Officer Samantha Salato

(203) 254-4808