Training & Accreditation

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The Training Unit is responsible for maintaining certification and providing state-mandated training, in-service training and other professional development for members of the Fairfield Police Department.  The Training Unit coordinates training across various subject areas and is instrumental in the ensure the Department maintains State Accreditation.

Many of our officers are certified a police instructors by the Police Officer Standards Training Council (POSTC) in specific curriculum areas and play a vital role in ensure we not only meet but exceed training standards.

The unit plays a key role in ensuring that officers receive specialized training in critical areas such as Emergency Response Team, K-9 Unit, Marine Unit, crash investigation, Criminal investigation, Critical incidents, and Management/Supervision.

In addition to its primary role in maintaining certification and providing state-mandated training, the Training Unit at the Fairfield Police Department is actively involved in accreditation responsibilities. The unit ensures that the Department adheres to the highest standards set forth by accrediting bodies. This includes overseeing the accreditation process and compliance with established guidelines.

By actively participating in accreditation processes, the Training Unit contributes to the ongoing professional development and excellence of our law enforcement personnel. This commitment reflects our dedication to upholding the highest standards in training and ensuring that our officers are well-equipped to handle diverse and challenging situations.


Kaesmann - Copy
Sergeant Evan Kaesmann
Main Training Phone:
(203) 254-4888

Training Officer:

Officer Brian McPadden
(203) 254-4664

Accreditation Officer:
Officer Raymond Quiles
(203) 254-4674

Training/Administrative Clerk: 
John Sabito
(203) 254-4852