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The Deputy Chief is second in command of the Fairfield Police Department and is appointed by the Board of Police Commissioners with the approval of the First Selectman.  The Deputy Chief assists the Chief in organizing, scheduling, and directing the work of all department personnel as well as supervising the operation of all divisions within the department. 

Deputy Chief Edward Weihe was born and raised in the Bronx and moved to Fairfield in 1998. He lives in Fairfield with his wife, Carolyn, of 23 years, and his daughter Holly. Before being hired by the Fairfield Police Department he was a teacher for 5 years at St. Helena’s Elementary School in the Bronx, NY, and at St. John The Baptist Elementary school in Yonkers, NY.

In July of 2002, he started his journey in the Fairfield Police Department as a patrolman, during which time he received several commendations for his diligence and work ethic, such as routine drug arrests, stopping two burglaries in progress, arresting a carjacker in Bridgeport, stopping a grand theft auto on I-95, and jumping into the 50-degree water of the Mill River to assist rescuing a young man with autism.

He was promoted to sergeant in 2010. He built and supervised the Fairfield Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Program, which focuses on helping our community members struggling with mental health and addiction issues. The program was so cutting edge, he and his team were asked by the American Psychological Association to write an article about our model, which was published in Police Chief Magazine in 2016. He also overhauled and supervised the Hostage Negotiation Team from 2011-2013.

Then in 2013, following the Sandy Hook Tragedy, Edward Weihe built and supervised the School Safety Division, where he diligently served our school community, impacting new security policies, plans, and infrastructure, and breaking down cultural barriers to build important relationships with students, staff, and the parent community. He was promoted to Lieutenant during this time in 2016 and continued to serve as the School Safety Division Commander for four more years.

He was then assigned as the Public Information and Community Outreach Lieutenant. He took every opportunity to connect with the public, engage with segments of the community who felt under-served, and humanize police officers during times when community relations were strained. He built strong relationships of trust with the local media to hold a high standard of transparency. He also coordinated and participated in the agency’s first “Faith and Blue” event, where police agencies connect with their local faith leaders to build stronger partnerships.

Edward Weihe was promoted to Captain in 2022, where he continued his mission to engage in 21st Century policing. He spearheaded the initiative to hire and integrate a social worker into the Fairfield Police Department. He also built and co-chairs the Fairfield Police Behavioral Health Network, which is a multi-disciplinary partnership among several local mental health, addiction, recovery and support organizations. He also engaged in several community problem solving initiatives, to include the creation of the Fairfield Beach Road Task Force and the Fairfield Beach Road Joint Stakeholders Meeting.

Edward Weihe was promoted to Deputy Chief July 21st, 2023, where he is excited to continue his service to the Fairfield Community and to follow in his predecessors’ footsteps in ensuring a bright future for the Fairfield Police Department.


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Deputy Chief Edward Weihe
Administrative Assistant:
Nancy Fray
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