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Captain Irizarry's journey in law enforcement began on December 28, 1998, when he joined the Fairfield Police Department, marking the inception of a distinguished career shaped by a profound sense of duty. Prior to his tenure in local law enforcement, Captain Irizarry proudly served as a Combat Veteran in the United States Air Force during the Persian Gulf War, where his exceptional service earned him the Southwest Asia Defense Service Medal and the Bronze Star.

In 2001, Captain Irizarry's leadership capabilities were recognized as he assumed the role of a Field Training Officer, guiding and mentoring newly recruited police officers. Simultaneously, he served as a member of the Emergency Services Unit, serving as both an Operator and ESU Team Sniper. A pivotal juncture in Captain Irizarry's career unfolded in 2003 when he was appointed to the Connecticut State Police - Statewide Narcotics Task Force as an Undercover Narcotics Investigator. Collaborating with various law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, FBI, ATF, and ICE, Captain Irizarry led and participated in numerous high-stakes narcotic investigations, search warrants, and arrest warrants across the State of Connecticut.

Elevated to the rank of Detective in 2005, Captain Irizarry dedicated himself to investigating Crimes Against Children within the Youth Services Division. He spearheaded impactful Internet Safety presentations, fostering awareness and safety for children throughout the Fairfield County area. In 2007, Captain Irizarry transitioned to the General Investigations division, where he played a pivotal role in solving cases involving Burglary, Robbery, Sexual Assault, and Homicide. Recognized for his contributions, he served on the Fairfield County Detectives Conference School Board and later assumed the prestigious role of President of the Fairfield County Detectives Conference. In this capacity, Captain Irizarry orchestrated an annual two-week training seminar for newly promoted Detectives and aspiring Officers, showcasing his commitment to professional development.

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2010, Captain Irizarry returned to the Patrol Division, leveraging his leadership to enhance the skills of his officers. Simultaneously, he took charge of the K9 Unit, expanding it from one to four Police K9s, all accomplished on a budget reliant solely on community donations. One of the K9s, named in honor of a fallen Marine from Fairfield, was specially trained as a Post-Traumatic Stress Therapy service dog, underscoring Captain Irizarry's dedication to community service and support for veterans suffering from PTSD. Throughout his illustrious career, Captain Irizarry's commitment and proficiency have been acknowledged with over 30 letters of Commendation from private citizens and supervisors alike, applauding his empathetic service to the community, successful apprehensions, and proactive policing.

Captain Irizarry then went on to serve as Lieutenant in the Field Services Bureau where he devoted serving his community and the officers under his command, holding the position of Commander of the Evening Shift within the Patrol Division. In February 2022, Captain Irizarry undertook a significant role as a Lieutenant in the Special Services Division. Entrusted with a broad spectrum of responsibilities, he assumed oversight of the Traffic Unit, Animal Control Division, Marine Unit, and all part-time Special Police Officers. In this capacity, Captain Irizarry's leadership and strategic approach contributed to the seamless coordination and efficiency within these specialized units, ensuring the optimal functioning of crucial services under his purview.

In August 2023, Captain Irizarry achieved a well-deserved promotion to his current position as Captain of the Special Services Bureau. In this distinguished role, he proudly serves at the helm of the Special Services Bureau, bringing his wealth of experience, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to enhance the effectiveness and excellence of the specialized units under his command. Captain Irizarry's leadership continues to be a driving force in shaping the success and impactful contributions of the Special Services Bureau within the larger law enforcement framework.


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Captain Hector Irizarry
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Alison Murphy
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