Special Victims Unit

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The Special Victims Unit investigates crimes against the most vulnerable segments of the community. Their cases involve, but are not limited to:

  • Child abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Crimes against the elderly
  • Crimes against individuals with special needs or dementia
  • Crimes by or against children
  • Domestic violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual assault
The Special Victims Unit conducts criminal and juvenile delinquency investigations, focusing on sensitivity to victims.  Detectives assigned to the Unit investigate crimes by/or against children, crimes involving child or adult sexual abuse, abuse, neglect against the elderly, and crimes against individuals with special needs.  The Unit also investigates runaway and missing persons.

The Special Victims Unit also oversees all follow-up Domestic Violence investigations, ensuring statutory and policy compliance and victim follow-up and liaison with the court system.  These cases would include those involving serious physical injury, serial protective/restraining order violations and issues that require multiple agency intervention.

Detectives assigned to the Unit additionally work tirelessly on prevention.  Prevention efforts are conducted regularly in the form of classroom talks and community group discussions to educate parents, children, and the community and lessen their chances of becoming a victim.  The topics presented include Internet Safety, Bullying, Risky Behaviors, Underage Drinking, Dangers of Vaping, and Substance Abuse.

The Special Victims Unit also  coordinates the Fairfield Juvenile Review Board (JRB), a restorative justice diversionary program.  The JRB diverts juvenile offenders from the Juvenile Court System in order to curb delinquency recidivism and teach accountability.

If you, or someone you know, are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, you are encouraged to contact the Center for Family Justice for free and confidential counseling and other services. Please see their website, www.centerforfamilyjustice.org, for more information on their location and services they provide.



Unit Personnel

Detective Beth Leetch
(203) 254-4804

Detective Jason Takacs
(203) 254-4609

Domestic Violence Hotline:
(203) 384-9559

Sexual Assault Hotline:
(203) 333-2233