Emergency Response Team

In May 2024, the Fairfield Police Department became a member of the Southwest Regional Emergency Response Team (SWERT). This highly specialized team is also comprised of officers from towns including Darien, Trumbull, Westport, Wilton, Monroe, and Easton. SWERT was established to handle situations which require equipment, techniques, and training that are outside the scope of ordinary police officers' training. The members of this unit are specifically trained to handle hostage situations, barricaded subjects, civil disturbances, high risk warrant service, or any incident in which there is a high probability that someone may be seriously injured due to a criminal act. All members are selected based on physical fitness, firearms proficiency, and supervisory recommendations.

The Southwest Regional Emergency Response Team has both a tactical and a crisis negotiation component. The Fairfield Police Department has 5 officers assigned to the tactical team and two officers assigned as crisis negotiators.

The team's mission is to provide a professionally trained and prepared unit to resolve critical incidents in the most peaceful manner possible with the goal of minimizing the risk faced by citizens, officers, and criminal suspects.