Fireworks Departure Routes

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(see map above)

At the end of the fireworks all vehicle must follow designated exit routes and proceed to the Post Road, no exceptions.  Most vehicles will be prohibited from turning onto Post Road or Old Post Road.  This is to reduce cross traffic and make it safer for pedestrians and allow for quicker clearance of the beach area.

Vehicles exiting SOUTH BENSON MARINA, must exit to Riverside Drive and then to the Post Road where they may proceed north bound onto Grasmere Avenue or east bound onto Fairfield Avenue.

Vehicles exiting JENNINGS BEACH must exit using South Benson Road which will be converted into two travel lanes in the north bound direction.  Vehicles in the right lane must turn onto Old Post Road where they will proceed to Post Road at the Traffic Circle.  Vehicles in the left lane must proceed straight, across Post Road and onto North Benson Road, they will not be able to turn onto Post Road.

Vehicles exiting PENFIELD BEACH must exit Fairfield Beach Road using either Beach Road, Penfield Road or Reef Road.  Traffic on Beach Road will be directed across Post Road and onto Round Hill Road.  Traffic on Penfield Road will be directed to Mill Plain Road via Old Post Road and the Post Road.  Traffic on Reef Road will be directed to Post Road via Oldfield Road and Sasco Hill Road.