Vacation House Check

The Fairfield Police Department is glad to provide a house check service to its residents at no cost.

Due to the dangers involved, only unoccupied homes will be checked. This service is not available if someone will be staying at or checking on your home, if the house is vacant or for new homes under construction.

As a safety precaution, only tell those that need to know about your plans to be away, make arrangements to stop your deliveries, or have someone tend to them in your absence, and never post photos or make comments about being away from home on any social media sites or in voice mail messages; save your postings until you have arrived back home. Remember be safe and help protect your property.

NOTE:  Officers will make a daily attempt to check the security of your home.  There is no guarantee that this daily check will actually occur due to daily call volume and other unforeseen circumstances.  We do not provide house checks for vacations greater than 14 consecutive days in length.

Please complete and submit this form. The more detailed the information you provide, the easier it is for us to determine if anything is amiss, or to contact you in an emergency should the need arise.