Marine Unit

The Fairfield Police Marine Unit falls under the Support Services Bureau of the Police Department. The Marine Unit is responsible for patrolling the Long Island Sound and the waters of Fairfield. To accomplish their objective, the Marine Unit is seasonally staffed by 3 full time Officers and 1 alternate Officer. The Marine Unit main office is located at the South Benson Marina where the unit’s two boats, a 34′ Safeboat Defender, and a 19′ Boston Whaler are berthed. The Marine Unit also spends much time in Southport Harbor.

The Marine Unit is available to respond to any on water emergency 24 hours a day. Contact the Fairfield Police Department at 203-254-4800 or 911 in an emergency.

Due to some significant hazards in Fairfield waters such as Penfield Reef, Sunken Island and The Cows, Marine unit officers respond to numerous types of calls on the water. They handle emergency calls such as boaters in distress, sinking vessels or vessel fires. They routinely search for missing boats or persons around the shoreline. Marine officers also enforce all State and Local boating laws and regulations as well as perform safety inspections of vessels within their area of responsibility.

The Fairfield Police Marine Unit works closely with the United States Coast Guard and other local marine police units. They regularly assists the U.S. Coast Guard with homeland security measures and port security.

If you have any boating questions feel free to stop by the Fairfield Police Marine Unit office located in the South Benson Marina, Fairfield or call (203) 254-4866. (Staffed Seasonally)