Consumer Alert: Contractors at Your Door

Alert-IconUnexpected Contractors at Your Door? “No Thanks” is Best Answer.

Beware of smooth-talking contractors who arrive on your doorstep or approach you in your yard with a great offer because they happen to be in the neighborhood. In these cases your best response is simply, ‘No thanks.’ Each year, the Department and local police respond to dozens of fraud complaints, which typically come in after the victim’s money was already paid and the scammers long gone.

Unlicensed contractors will use warmer months to make a quick buck on paving , driveway sealing and other scams. Residents should be suspicious when a contractor shows up unannounced offering a great deal on a driveway or home repair job. Vehicles used by traveling scam artists are often unmarked utility trucks and vans.

If you see someone soliciting in your area, report it to the Fairfield Police or Department of Consumer Protection.

Fairfield Police Department:

Non-Emergency: (203) 254-4800

100 Reef Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

CT Department of Consumer Protection:

(860) 713-6100 or email the agency at [email protected].

Please give a description of the person and vehicle with plate number if possible.