Distinguished Service Medal & Lifesaving Award Presented 12/11/19

The Distinguished Service Medal and a Lifesaving Award were presented at the Police Commission Meeting on December 11, 2019.  Officer Mazzocchi received the Distinguished Service Medal and Lieutenant Perez was presented with a Lifesaving Award.


On September 28, 2016, officers were dispatched to the Lake Mohegan Open Space to search for a reported suicidal female. Officer Mazzocchi located the woman deep in the wooded area standing at the edge of a cliff holding a jagged piece of glass. Officer Mazzocchi approached the woman from behind, pulled her from the edge of the cliff and disarmed her. The woman was taken into custody unharmed and provided with medical care.

Officer Mazzocchi‘s actions were decisive and placed him in danger of being seriously injured while also preventing the woman from harming herself.

Officer Mazzocchi committed an act of bravery, intelligently performed at imminent personal risk to himself. He has brought great credit upon himself, our profession, and the Fairfield Police Department, and he is most deserving of the distinguished service medal.


On October 18, 2018, an elderly male went into cardiac arrest while visiting a local gym. Lieutenant Perez was in the immediate area and heard the dispatch go out from the emergency communication center. He responded and initiated CPR on the victim until the arrival of EMTs who took over treatment. The victim was revived and was ultimately released from the hospital two weeks later.

In a letter, Dr. Stephen Valassis, Chairperson of the Emergency Department at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center wrote, “…survival from cardiac arrest is a rare event. It is even more rare that the patient leaves the hospital with a good outcome.” He goes on to write, “Lieutenant Perez’s prompt actions were an integral part of saving the victims life.“

Lieutenant Perez was the initial first responder on scene and took swift and critical action in the initial minutes that were crucial to saving the life of a member of our community. Lieutenant Perez has brought great credit upon himself, our profession, and the Fairfield Police Department. He is most deserving of the lifesaving award.