Fairfield Police Department, Local Clergy Issue Statement Regarding Death of George Floyd and Actions of Minneapolis Police

FAIRFIELD — Police Chief Christopher Lyddy, together with First Church Congregational Fairfield Reverends Vanessa Payne Rose and David W. Spollett, and First Baptist Church of  Stratford Pastor Reverend Dr. William B. Sutton III strongly denounce the recent actions taken by Minneapolis Police officers that killed George Floyd and join in the collective sorrow that is being felt across the country.

“As a department and as law enforcement officers who take pride in maintaining the utmost professionalism and dignity in serving our community, we condemn the actions taken by the members of the Minneapolis Police Department that had any part in the tragic death of George Floyd,” Chief Lyddy said. “Our task as police officers is to protect and preserve lives at all costs. That sacred trust that the community has placed in us has been broken in Minneapolis and the repercussions and ramifications will have a ripple effect across the country. The department stands alongside local clergy members in the decrying of this senseless and serious injustice that has taken place.”

“We join in the universal condemnation of the killing of George Floyd,” Reverends Rose, Spollett and Sutton said in a joint statement. “The repeated disregard for Black life, which has continued for generations, is a moral failing of our nation. We cannot stand silent while such atrocities are happening in front of us, as the other officers on the Minneapolis police department did. We have to work to uproot the racism ingrained in our society, legal systems and in law enforcement. We bear witness to the grief, pain, and anger felt by Mr. Floyd’s family and friends, and we join all those across the nation who are seeking to heal the deep wounds caused by generations of racism and systemic discrimination.”

We – representatives of local law enforcement and leaders of our faith communities – are speaking with one voice because every American has a responsibility to demand and work for justice.