Fairfield Police Department Recognizes Numerous Officers’ Outstanding Work

The Fairfield Police Department is pleased to announce that several Fairfield Police Officers were recognized at yesterday’s Police Commission meeting for their outstanding work.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the Fairfield Police Department recognized 25 officers for their outstanding work during numerous incidents throughout the past few months. Recognitions include the Distinguished Service Medal, Medal of Exceptional Service and the Lifesaving Medal.

Norwalk Shooting Incident

On June 11, the Norwalk Police Department broadcast a description of a vehicle being driven by someone suspected of having just shot someone in their city. Det. George Buckmir and Det. Jordan Nadeau subsequently observed the vehicle traveling north on I-95 and exiting into the Town of Fairfield and relayed the information to Telecommunicator Lynn Erazmus.

Det. Buckmir, Det. Nadeau and Telecommunicator Erazmus communicated vital information to officers who pursued the vehicle as it fled to Central High School in Bridgeport.

Sgt. Hector Irizarry and Officers Tiffanie Bennett, Mark Letsch and Seth Jenkins pursued the vehicle as it fled to Central High School. After the suspect ran into the high school, the aforementioned officers and Det. Buckmir and Det. Nadeau set up a perimeter and began a search of the interior of the building.

Once the shooting suspect fled the school, he was taken into custody without further incident. Fairfield Officers then retraced the pursuit route and located the handgun, which had been thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit.

The following received the Medal of Exceptional Service for their work in regards to this incident: Sgt. Irizarry, Officer Bennett, Officer William Beattie, Officer Seth Jenkins, Officer Chris Rubis, Officer Mark Letsch and Officer Michael Mazzochi.

The following received the Distinguished Service Medal for their work in regards to this incident: Det. Buckmir, Det. Nadeau and Telecommunicator Erazmus.

Redding Road Hit and Run

On July 4, Fairfield Police was dispatched to Redding Road for a fatal hit and run accident. Following their on-scene response, Fairfield police conducted an investigation of the incident. Those involved in the investigation were meticulous in their work and conducted an extensive and exhaustive investigation to determine the identity of the vehicle’s operator.

Each of the officers were an integral part of the investigative team that swiftly identified the suspected vehicle that ultimately culminated in an arrest of the operator on multiple felony charges.

The following received the Distinguished Service Medal for their work in regards to this incident: Capt. John Bucherati, Det. Michael Clark, Det. Michael Colwell, Det. Alex Fucci, Officer Mark Letsch, Officer Paul Medvegy, Det. Kevin McKeon, Sgt. Michael Paris, Officer Virgil Procaccini, Lt. Matthew Riendeau, Det. Jason Takacs, Sgt. Daniel Vanderheyden, Officer Kevin Wells and Officer Michael Zerella.

Heimlich Maneuver Incident

On July 23, Officer Rubis was on patrol and observed an individual, who had exited a vehicle and appeared to be in distress. Officer Rubis recognized that the male was clearly gasping for air and choking. Officer Rubis performed the Heimlich maneuver, which cleared the man’s airway.

The swift, critical action that Officer Rubis took during this incident was crucial to saving an individual’s life. In addition to his Medal of Exceptional Service, he also received the  Lifesaving Medal.

All officers who responded to each of these incidents exemplify the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the men and women of the Fairfield Police Department. They have all brought great credit upon themselves, the policing profession and the Fairfield Police Department.