Fairfield Police Department to Increase Motor Vehicle Enforcement, Reminds Drivers to Obey Traffic Laws

FAIRFIELD — Chief Christopher Lyddy and the Fairfield Police Department would like to remind residents and commuters of the importance of obeying traffic laws as traffic levels begin to return to normal now that COVID-19 regulations and restrictions have begun to loosen.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home regulations, there has been less traffic out on the roads. As a result, the department has noticed an increase in traffic infractions such as speeding and stop sign or traffic light violations.

Fairfield Police would like to remind residents of the importance of obeying posted speed limits and traffic laws as they begin to leave their homes and get out on the road once again. 

To ensure safe roadways for all drivers, the Fairfield Police Department will be increasing its motor vehicle and traffic violation enforcement throughout town to reduce the risk of crashes and injury.

“As normal operations throughout town begin to be rolled out and more residents will be returning to the roadways, it is as important as ever for people to obey traffic laws,” Chief Lyddy said. “Even minor infractions increase the risk of crashes on our roadways. To ensure the continued safety of our community, Fairfield officers will be increasing the level of traffic enforcement.”