Fairfield Police Department Unveils New Patch for Uniforms

FAIRFIELD — Chief Robert Kalamaras is pleased to announce a new uniform patch for the Fairfield Police Department, which symbolizes the values, virtues and duties of the department in multiple ways.

The new patch features numerous elements, including:

  • The color Gold – Symbolizing the gold standard that the department strives to attain, along with the traits of compassion, courage and wisdom we desire our Officers to possess.
  • The Penfield Lighthouse – Representing the coastal lifestyle of Fairfield as well as protection, guidance, salvation and illumination; values the department aims to demonstrate. A lighthouse also represents hope and safe haven; two vital principles we hope for our community to find synonymous with our agency.
  • The United States flag – A symbol of pride and freedom for all Americans. Red symbolizing courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice.
  • The color navy blue – Symbolizing the strength, reliability, bravery, stability and honor of the department.
  • “Town of Fairfield, Founded 1639” – A portion of the town seal, symbolizing that the Fairfield Police Department will serve the Town of Fairfield with professionalism, honor and excellence.

Chief Kalamaras was officially sworn in to his new role on Jan. 22. In his speech at the swearing-in ceremony he pledged to do everything possible “to make the Fairfield Police Department a model of fairness and openness that reflects the needs of all residents,” and he hopes the new patch serves as a small symbol of those efforts and a reminder to both officers and the community of the promises we have made to continually better ourselves and our agency.

“As a department, we are excited about these new patches and the promises of what the future has to hold,” Chief Kalamaras said. “Our department’s methods and the resources available to us all continue to evolve, as does the world around us, and it is vitally important that our core values also continue to advance and progress forward. This new patch symbolizes our department’s dedication to serving the Fairfield community and our commitment to being a 21st century, forward-thinking and inclusive police agency.”