Fairfield Police Prostitution, Drug Investigation Yields Three Arrests

FAIRFIELD — Chief Christopher Lyddy reports that the Fairfield Police Department arrested and charged two men with drug offenses and a woman with prostitution following a weeks-long investigation into illegal activity in a Fairfield neighborhood.


  • Possession with Intent to Sell Narcotics (Crack Cocaine)
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance/Narcotic (Crack Cocaine & Heroin)
  • Possession with Intent to Sell a Hallucinogen (PCP)
  • Possession of a Hallucinogen (PCP)

BIANCA GARNETT, AGE 28, OF FAIRFIELD was charged with Prostitution.

MILTON LAWS, AGE 41, OF BRIDGEPORT was charged with Possession of a Hallucinogenic Substance (Ecstasy).

During the months of April and May, Fairfield Police received several reports from concerned residents of alleged illegal drug and prostitution activity at a home on Rosemere Avenue.

Officers began to investigate the home of GARNETT and through the investigation, it was determined that she had been involved in prostitution out of her home and was involved in multiple hand-to-hand drug transactions.

On May 21 at approximately 9:45 p.m., members of the Fairfield Police Quality of Life Unit were conducting surveillance of GARNETT’S home when they observed what they believed was a hand-to-hand drug transaction between RUSSELL and GARNETT.

RUSSELL was a passenger in a vehicle and officers followed the vehicle after leaving GARNETT’S house. Officers then observed the driver drive in the middle of both travel lanes on Park Avenue and a traffic stop was initiated.

Before the driver pulled over, officers observed RUSSELL making suspicious movements in the front passenger’s seat of the car. Once the driver pulled over, RUSSELL was detained for officer safety because of his suspicious movements and because he was being uncooperative with officers. While being detained, a pill bottle fell onto the ground from RUSSELL’S waistband. Inside the pill bottle were several small baggies containing crack cocaine, PCP, heroin and marijuana.

RUSSELL was subsequently placed under arrest and the driver was cited for Failure to Drive Right.

Throughout the investigation, officers observed and received reports from neighbors about several male visitors to GARNETT’S home at all hours of the day and night.

Through the continued investigation, on May 28, the Fairfield Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for GARNETT for prostitution.

While officers were conducting the warrant, LAWS was visiting GARNETT’S home. In a search of LAWS, he was found to have one ecstasy pill among his possessions and was placed under arrest. GARNETT was also placed under arrest at that time.

“We want to thank the concerned residents who reached out about this illegal activity going on in their neighborhood,” Chief Lyddy said. “Thanks to the extensive and thorough investigation by our officers, particularly the Quality of Life Unit, we were able to put a stop the prostitution and drug dealing going on in that area.”

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.