Fairfield Police Remind Residents and College Students of Basic Home Security Precautions

FAIRFIELD — Chief Robert Kalamaras and the Fairfield Police Department wish to remind residents and college students of safety precautions to secure their homes and persons following a report of a break-in at the home of a Quinnipiac University student.

On Nov. 17, Hamden Police arrested a suspect in connection with an alleged break-in at the home of a Quinnipiac University student, and an attempted break-in at the home of another student in Hamden. Hamden Police informed law enforcement partners that the suspect has worked for food delivery and ride share services. Hamden Police believe the suspect allegedly was targeting the homes of female customers, including college students.

“Fairfield Police were notified of this incident by our law enforcement partners, and we are taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of Fairfield residents,” said Chief Kalamaras. “I would also like to remind residents and college students to take basic precautions to secure their homes and to remain safe. Everyone in the community is safer when we all take these simple steps and watch out for each other.”

Fairfield Police provide the following safety tips:

  • Lock windows and doors in your home and vehicles
  • Use exterior lighting to illuminate dark areas around your home
  • Avoid walking alone at night, and remain aware of your surroundings if you must walk alone
  • Park in well-lit areas whenever possible
  • Immediately report any suspicious persons or activity to Fairfield Police by calling 203-254-4800
  • In the event of an emergency, dial 911.

Additionally, community members are reminded to use caution when using ride share and food delivery services.

To view a more extensive list of suggestions from Fairfield Police for securing your home and property, click here.