Fairfield Police Urge Residents to Exercise Caution During Severe Weather Aftermath

Residents Encouraged to Report Any Lingering Hazards 

Chief Robert Kalamaras and the Fairfield Police Department urge residents to exercise caution today in the aftermath of the severe weather brought by remnants of Hurricane Ida which hit the area overnight.

Over the period of 11 hours between 7 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday, Fairfield Police responded to 40 flooding condition calls with approximately 30 vehicles towed due to road conditions, 13 road hazards and two motor vehicle crashes.

Relentless rain caused serious flooding throughout the state, making streets impassable and causing widespread power outages.

At this time, the 200 block of Euclid Avenue and the 2100 block of Burr Street remain closed until further notice due to downed trees and wires. Residents are asked to avoid these areas until the roadways have been cleared.

Residents are urged to avoid known hazard areas and to immediately report any lingering hazards they may observe — such as downed trees and wires — as first responders, utility crews and public works crews continue to respond to these conditions.

If power is out, residents should report the power outage to their utility company. They should not call 9-1-1 to report an outage or to ask about power restoration. 

Residents are reminded of the following tips and information provided by Ready.gov in the aftermath of a flood:

  • Avoid walking/driving in large puddles or on flooded roads as they may be contaminated or contain dangerous debris.
  • Be aware of the risk of electrocution. Underground or downed power lines can also electrically charge the water. Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or if you are standing in water. Turn off the electricity to prevent electric shock if it is safe to do so.
  • Pay attention to authorities for information and instructions. Return home only when authorities say it is safe.
  • Avoid any roads with downed wires, tree limbs or debris.
  • Wear heavy work gloves, protective clothing and boots during clean up and use appropriate face coverings or masks if cleaning mold or other debris.

Following any type of severe weather, residents should proceed with caution while power is being restored, roadways are being cleared and as flood water recedes. Lingering hazards such as downed live wires, malfunctioning traffic signals, sewage backup in flood zones, and broken tree limbs suspended by wires may occur following severe weather conditions.

As always, residents should stay informed by receiving alerts, warnings, and public safety information before, during and after emergencies. To receive updates from Fairfield Police, follow the department’s Twitter page and like its Facebook page.