Fireworks Laws & Safety

Each year, the Fairfield Police Department responds to an increasing number of fireworks complaints between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. As we enter the heat of the summer during this unprecedented time in history, particularity with the cancellation of the Town’s firework display, we would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of Connecticut’s laws pertaining to Fireworks (CGS 29-357).

  • All fireworks are illegal in the State of Connecticut, with the exception of sparklers and fountains.
  • Only sparklers and fountains, which are non-explosive and non-aerial, are legal in Connecticut.
  • Sparklers and fountains can only be legally purchased and used by persons age 16 or older.
  • Novelty items such as party poppers, snakes, smoke devices and anything that emits a flame are not legal for private use in Connecticut. In addition to being illegal, exploding devices are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Fireworks can also cause house and brush fires.
  • Illegal fireworks can bring with them not only the potential for property damage, but could cause injury or fatality to human life. If a fire or explosion caused by legal or illegal fireworks causes injuries or damage, the person responsible could be charged with a criminal offense.

Fireworks…even Sparklers…are extremely dangerous!

  • More than 16,000 reported fires are started by fireworks annually.
  • Sparklers account for roughly 1 out of every 4 emergency room fireworks injuries.
  • Sparklers can burn at temperatures over 2000°F and can cause serious injuries.

The proper disposal of fireworks is also important!⁣

  • Ensure fireworks have been doused with water and have properly and completely cooled before placing them in the trash away from the house/garage/porch/etc.⁣

For additional Firework safety tips, go to

Residents may report the illegal use of fireworks within the Town of Fairfield, CT by calling (203) 254-4800.