FPD Launches Online Reporting System

Fairfield Police Department has launched a new program intended to make it more convenient for citizens to file reports with the department.  Citizens will be able to go online to fill out an incident report for some minor incidents. They will immediately receive an incident number and printable report that can be used for their records or to report to insurance companies.

This initiative is intended to continue our goal to make our reporting systems more user-friendly and convenient. For these minor types of incidents, citizens will no longer have to wait for a police officer to arrive at their location, or drive to police headquarters in order to make a report.

This system will allow citizens to report the following types of offenses: minor damage/vandalism to property, lost items, credit card fraud and minor thefts.  These incidents must have occurred in Fairfield. Each submission will be reviewed by a member of the department and the person making the report may be contacted by an officer if necessary.

Citizens will always be able to request to see an officer at their location if they want to report an incident directly.

Citizens should remember that any emergency or incident in-progress should be reported to the police at the time the incident is occurring.

You can go to www.pdctfairfield.wpengine.com/selfreport to use this system.