Police Rescue Hiker from Samp Mortar Open Space

On 10/10/2019 at 1:13pm the Fairfield Police Department’s Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call from a man who reported he was hiking in the woods in the open space by Samp Mortar Drive when he slipped on a rock and fell. The man was unsure of his exact location, confused, and injured.

Fairfield Police Officers Chase, Salato, Letsch and Mazzocchi entered the woods at the open space in an attempt to locate the caller. Emergency Telecommunicator (Dispatcher) Rodriguez utilized the 911 ANI/ALI System to determine the location of the caller’s cell phone.  She was then able to direct officers to his location. The caller was able to hear sirens from the police vehicles and called to officers who were approaching him in a deep ravine in the open space.

Officer Chase located the caller who suffered two lacerations and some bruises. Officers assisted the male out of the woods and he was turned over to the awaiting AMR Ambulance and Fairfield Fire Department personnel for medical assistance. He was then transported to Norwalk Hospital by AMR Ambulance.

“This was an excellent example of coordination and cooperation amongst several emergency responders that allowed our Police Officers to locate the victim and bring him to safety for medical treatment.” –Captain R. Kalamaras

Dispatch and Police Radio Transmission are available below.

Submitted by: Captain Robert Kalamaras
Email: [email protected]
Date:  10/11/2019