Juveniles Arrested after Fleeing From Police in Stolen Vehicle

The Fairfield Police Department has responded to and investigated several incidents this weekend related to stolen vehicles being operated within the Town of Fairfield.

On December 16, 2021, the New Haven Police Department reported a Nissan Altima stolen by way of an armed car-jacking in their city. On December 18, 2021, the North Haven Police Department reported an armed car-jacking of a Toyota Camry. It is believe that the suspects in these car-jackings have a nexus to one another.

On December 18, 2021, the Nissan Altima which had been stolen from New Haven, arrived in Fairfield and was involved in an attempted vehicle theft.  Fairfield Police attempted to stop the stolen Nissan as it passed through downtown Fairfield, however, the pursuit was terminated.  The full release on that incident can be found here: https://fpdct.com/news-releases/attempted-vehicle-theft-suspects-traveling-in-vehicle-taken-during-armed-robbery/

On December 19, 2021 at approximately 4:28 PM, Fairfield Police observed the second stolen vehicle, this time the stolen Toyota Camry, traveling through downtown Fairfield on Post road near Beach Road.

Fairfield Police located and followed the stolen vehicle on I95 northbound from exit 22 to exit 27, at which point police attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

The operator of the stolen vehicle failed to pull over and the vehicle increased its speed in an attempt to elude police.

As the stolen vehicle approached Exit 27A the operator crossed over several lanes of traffic, crashing into another vehicle and ultimately coming to rest as it crashed into a jersey barrier.

The two occupants of the stolen vehicle, both juveniles aged 13 and 16, were taken into custody on scene. The 16 year old sustained minor abrasions to his legs.

There were no other injuries reported on scene.

Reports on social media have inaccurately connected this incident to a separate report of unattended children in a vehicle.  Officers did respond to BJ’s Wholesale Club on 12/19/21 at approximately 4:44 PM after the manger reported two unattended children in a Volkswagen Jetta.  Officers arrived on scene and were unable to locate the vehicle as it had left prior to their arrival.