Message from the Chief Regarding Voting Security

Exercising the right to vote is the cornerstone of our American democracy. The process of going in person to a polling station to cast a vote is seen by many as not only a civic duty, but also a community event. It may provide an opportunity for voters to see friends, neighbors, or even speak to a candidate before or after casting their vote. This process is a natural and important part of our democratic society and must be protected.

In Fairfield, we take potential voter interference and intimidation very seriously. The voters of the town of Fairfield deserve to know that no one will be allowed to interfere with, restrict, or deny their right to cast a ballot on Election Day. Both state and federal law offer strong protections to voters, and every election official in Fairfield will be vigilant in protecting our citizens’ right to safely cast their vote without restriction.

The goal of the Fairfield Police Department is to maintain good order outside polling stations, and to ensure that those who want to vote can do so without interference. While many citizens view a police officer’s presence outside a polling station as providing a sense of safety and security, we recognize that some may perceive such presence as intimidating. The citizens of the town of Fairfield must understand that the men and women of the Fairfield Police Department stand committed to protecting the rights of all of our citizens to engage in the democratic process, irrespective of party affiliation or political ideology.

To date, the Fairfield Police Department has received no information that there will be any intentional acts of interference or intimidation at the polls in Fairfield. On occasion, however, incidents do arise in the vicinity of polling stations that may lead to complaints. The Fairfield Police Department is ready to respond to, and investigate, any such incidents. Our town enjoys a great history of orderly and professionally run elections, and we aim to continue that history.