Missing Person Update & Thanks

The Fairfield Police Department would like to thank members of the Fairfield community for their assistance in locating a missing juvenile yesterday evening.

On Friday, August 30, 2019, at 6:33 PM, the Fairfield Police Department received a report from the Fairfield University Department of Public Safety of a missing 14-year-old student athlete from the Fairfield College Preparatory School.

The student exited campus at approximately 3:25 PM during a group run with the school’s cross country team. At the completion of the run, the student’s brother, who is a fellow team member, became aware that he had not returned to campus and alerted his coaching staff. At this time, Fairfield University’s Department of Public Safety was alerted and subsequently initiated a police response.

Over the course of the next several hours, numerous police and emergency resources were utilized in the effort to locate the missing student. These resources included the Fairfield Police Department’s Patrol Division, Traffic Safety Unit, Investigation Division and Youth Bureau, in addition to the Fairfield University Department of Public Safety and the Fairfield Fire Department. These personnel began a search of the immediate area and extended the search perimeter as time went on. The search was conducted on foot and by car and utilized technology such as Thermal Imaging/FLIR cameras.

Social Media and other messaging resources were utilized in an attempt to alert the public and seek assistance. At approximately 8:35 PM a call was received from a resident reporting possibly seeing the male in the area of Fairfield Woods Road and Lucile Street. Shortly after, at approximately 8:54 PM, Fairfield Police were alerted that the male had walked into Capitol Pizza on Brooklawn Avenue, Bridgeport to seek assistance. He was then located by Fairfield Police and reunited with his family.

The male stated that at some point during the run, he became separated from the group and found himself lost. He was not familiar with the area and made several unsuccessful attempts to return to campus before ultimately seeking assistance.

We again thank the public and our community partners for their assistance and we are grateful for a happy outcome.