Storm Jonas: Beach Area Alert

Code Red Message for Storm Jonas
January 22, 2016 (Msg 01)
Attention:  Beach Area Residents

This is a message from the Fairfield Emergency Management Team, in Preparation for Storm Jonas.

We anticipate some coastal flooding and want to be prepared. A coastal flood watch has been issued for our area by the National Weather Service.

We are recommending that residents in areas prone to flooding move their vehicles to higher ground.

There is parking available at Veterans Park (909 Reef Rd) as well as the Fairprene lot on Mill Plain Rd, across from the Parks and Recreation facility.

There are two high tides, 10:28 am and 10:57 pm. There are indications that the second high tide could be worse and have a greater impact than the first.

Please monitor local media in case conditions should change dramatically for the worse.

Thank You and Stay Safe!!!

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