Suspicious Person 10/23/18 – School Safety Bulletin

On 10/23/18 at approximately 4:30 PM, police received a report of a male in a vehicle, exposing himself in plain view of a juvenile passerby, possibly intentionally. The vehicle was reported to have pulled over in the area of Post Road and Beach Road.

The suspicious male was described as a white male in his thirties, wearing a white sweater. The vehicle was described as a black, older model, two door, possible Ford Mustang.

Please take note of the description and remain vigilant in observing and reporting any suspicious persons, vehicles, or behaviors to the police at (203) 254‐4800 or Dial 911 in an Emergency.

In the neighborhood setting, parents should:

  • Remain vigilant in observing and reporting any suspicious vehicles, persons, activities, or anything that is otherwise not normal for their area.
  • Regularly reinforce with their children that they should avoid suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Encourage their children to talk about anything suspicious they observe throughout their day, and encourage them to immediately tell an adult they trust if they have had an encounter that they feel was not normal.

In the school setting, parents and school staff should remind children/students that they should:

  • Walk home in a group or with a buddy.
  • Use routes that are more populated, unobstructed, and well lit.
  • Always avoid any strangers attempting to engage them in a conversation.
  • Never approach a strange vehicle.
  • Immediately tell an adult they trust if they think they have been followed.

Please do not hesitate to report any strange persons, vehicles, or activity that you or your children may have observed.

Released on 10/24/18 by:
Sergeant Eddie Weihe
Fairfield Police Department
School Safety Division