The Future is Bright!

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!  There has been no better time to continue building upon the connection our community has with those who are sworn to protect it.  It’s time to join together as Fairfield continues to thrive, now and into the future!

“Our department’s methods and the resources available to us continue to evolve, as does the world around us, and it is vitally important that our core values also continue to advance and progress forward. The women and men of the Fairfield Police Department are dedicated to serving the Fairfield community and are commitment to being a 21st century, forward-thinking and inclusive police agency.”  – Chief Robert Kalamaras

We have an incredibly knowledgeable and motivated workforce that stands at the ready to ensure the Town of Fairfield is safe and that those within it feel safe, so that everybody can go about their lives without a second thought or worry.

The Fairfield Police Department operates with over 100 sworn officers, serving over 64,000 residents and covering over 35 square miles of land and water.

We have a Marine Unit, an Emergency Services Unit including Hostage/Crisis Negotiators, Motorcycles, Bicycles, an Investigation Division, School Safety Unit, Traffic/Crash Investigators and more!  Our officers develop their careers and better serve our community by taking on these special assignments.

We constantly strive to make Fairfield safer!  We work with engineers, traffic safety officers and crash reconstructionists to identify locations in Town that have a high propensity of crashes in order to make those intersections safer.  We have officer’s certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians to assist in keeping Fairfield’s most precious assets safe on the road.  Our Neighborhood Watch Program, Internship Program, Citizen Police Academy, Police Explorer Post and Police Athletic League further aide in fostering a positive presence in the community, building upon community relationships and developing the trust necessary for us to effectively fulfill our oaths.

We have an incredibly diverse workforce and everybody brings something different to the table. We have military backgrounds, musical backgrounds, artistic backgrounds, finance backgrounds, corporate backgrounds, different culture backgrounds and we’re looking for people from all walks of life to create a well-rounded agency to serve the residents of our town.

Our Officers are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, and they want to live in a safe and welcoming community just like everybody else, and our connection with the community is what makes that happen.

“Let’s do this together!  Let’s be progressive and evolve with the times.  Let’s bring Fairfield into the future!”

Interested in being a part of the future with us?  The deadline to apply for a position as a Police Officer is fast approaching!  Go to to apply!  The deadline to complete the application process is April 30, 2021!