Theft of Occupied Vehicle – 11/22/21

On November 22, 2021 at approximately 6:34 PM the Fairfield Police Department received several calls reporting the theft of an occupied vehicle which had just occurred in front of 16 Handles at 1300 Post Road in Fairfield.

The initial investigation has revealed that a couple had parked their vehicle in the area of 1300 Post Road and had left the vehicle to make a purchase at a nearby establishment. The vehicle was running and occupied by a teenage juvenile. An unknown male subject walked up to the vehicle, opened the door and entered the vehicle. The juvenile then instinctually began to exit the vehicle as the male ordered the juvenile out of the vehicle. The male then fled the area in the now stolen vehicle at a high rate of speed. Witnesses reported seeing a black vehicle flee the area in close proximity to the stolen vehicle. It is believed this vehicle was occupied by subjects working in connection with the male suspect. The accomplice vehicle is believed to be a black Dodge Charger.

Fairfield Detectives, operating an unmarked vehicle, located the stolen vehicle being driven in the area of Wordin Avenue in Bridgeport. Detectives followed the vehicle onto I95 and then onto Route 8 where it exited via Exit 18. Police briefly lost sight of the suspect vehicle but it was later located unoccupied on Caroline Street in Derby, CT.

No injuries were reported during this incident. In addition, the juvenile occupant, according to CT State Statute, was old enough to be left unattended in the vehicle.

This is an active and ongoing investigation by the Fairfield Police Department in conjunction with the Regional Auto Theft Task Force.

The Fairfield Police Department reminds residents to be vigilant of their surroundings and to be mindful that even when sitting it a parked vehicle, it is safest to keep the vehicle locked.

UPDATE: (11/23/21 at 9:40 PM):

At approximately 3:00 PM on 11/23/21, the Black Charger, bearing a misused Connecticut registration plate, was recovered in the City of Bridgeport by members of the Bridgeport Regional Auto-Theft Task Force. The vehicle was identified as the same vehicle involved in the above incident as well as a similar incident in Waterbury on 11/22/21 at 4:49 PM. Two juveniles were taken into custody and charged accordingly for the possession of the stolen vehicle in Bridgeport. At this time, the two juvenile suspects have not been confirmed to be the occupants of the accomplice vehicle in last night’s incident. Investigation into both the Fairfield and Waterbury incidents is ongoing.