Elementary School Student Struck by Vehicle

FAIRFIELD - This morning, an elementary school student was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street to reach their bus stop. The incident occurred at approximately 8:45 AM in the area of Nichols Avenue and First Street. The student was transported to the hospital for evaluation with what appear to be minor injuries at this time. 

The crash was witnessed by several students on a school bus, which was stopped nearby and loading students, along with other bystanders. 

The Fairfield Police Department understands that such an event can be distressing, especially for young students who witnessed the crash. School counselors and additional support staff are available to help any students who need emotional support. 

The Fairfield Police Department's Crash Investigation Unit is conducting a thorough investigation into the incident. Preliminary findings indicate that speed was not a factor in the crash, and it appears to be a true, unfortunate accident. We appreciate the prompt response and assistance provided by the Fairfield Fire Department and AMR, who ensured the student received immediate medical evaluation. 

The Fairfield Police Department's School Safety Division is working closely with the Fairfield Public Schools to ensure the well-bcing of all students involved. We appreciate the community's patience and cooperation. 

This incident serves as a crucial reminder to both motorists and pedestrians about the importance of road safety. We urge all drivers to remain vigilant and cautious, especially in school zones and residential areas. Likewise, pedestrians should always use crosswalks and be mindful of traffic signals.

Parents, please take a moment to talk with your children about the importance of crossing streets safely. Ensure they know to wait for a signal to cross and to look both ways before stepping into the street. Safety is a shared responsibility, and together we can help prevent future incidents.