Officer of the Quarter: January 15, 2023 – April 14, 2023


The Officer of the Quarter program is in place to recognize officers who understand, embrace, support, and further the Fairfield Police Department’s mission to, “Make Fairfield Safer”. Certain character traits have been identified by the supervisory staff as being critically important to carrying out our mission. These character traits are as follows:

  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • Initiative
  • Fitness and appearance
  • Job Proficiency

On December 5th 2022, all the Lieutenants and Sergeants of the Patrol Division met, and after careful deliberation, unanimously selected Officer Anthony Falbo as Officer of the Quarter (OOQ) for the 1st Quarter of 2023. Officer Falbo has displayed the following traits for this prestigious recognition:

  • Personality – Officer Falbo since joining the department has demonstrated an eagerness to learn, always asking questions, seeking out advice and putting in for classes to improve and grow as an officer. He has proven to be reliable and dependable, showing up for his shifts on time and ready to complete his tasks.  He has a great working relationship with his peers and supervisors alike. Officer Falbo has shown determination and persistence with the way he is driven to see his investigations to completion, doing so in a timely and efficient fashion.
  • Attitude – Officer Falbo shows up for work with a smile on his face and a pleasant demeanor. When given an assignment he approaches it with enthusiasm and determination to get the job done. Officer Falbo is always willing to take on tasks and challenge himself making him a pleasure to supervise. His work ethic and drive are second to none.
  • Fitness and Appearance – Officer Falbo, a former Division 1 wrestler, maintains a high level of physical fitness while continuing to improve his physical skills through the practice of Jiu Jitsu. He comes to work every shift looking well groomed, neat and ready for duty.
  • Initiative – Officer Falbo takes the initiative on all of his investigations seeing them to their conclusion, and completes well documented and accurate reports. He gets his work done in a timely fashion and utilizes his free time effectively to conduct a high volume of proactive, quality enforcement. Officer Falbo’s knowledge and job proficiency continue to improve with every shift largely as a result of his willingness to expose himself to a variety of situations.
  • Job Proficiency –Officer Falbo has made numerous proactive arrests to include firearm and other weapons arrests, countless felony and misdemeanor warrant arrests and motor vehicle arrests.  He takes great pride in his high level of productivity. In addition to his patrol responsibilities, Officer Falbo is a member of the departments Crisis Intervention Team and Honor Guard.

It is our pleasure to present Officer Anthony Falbo with the Officer of the Quarter Award.

Congratulations Anthony!