Officer of the Quarter: July 15, 2021 – October 14, 2021



On June 2nd , 2021, the Lieutenants and Sergeants of the Patrol Division met and after careful deliberation, unanimously selected Officer Matthew Bok as Officer of the Quarter (OOQ) for the period of July 15th , 2021 through October 14th , 2021.
Officer Matthew Bok, a sworn officer of the Fairfield Police department since 2017, has consistently demonstrated an excellent work ethic, effective and efficient job performance, and is a consummate professional. Officer Bok has consistently been an extremely motivated and productive officer. He is always eager to assist other officers, sets a shining example for newer officers, and has quickly earned the trust and confidence of his supervisors with his level of initiative and reliability. Despite his already thorough investigative skills, he is always seeking opportunities to learn new skills and improve his craft. While dealing with the public, his fellow officers, and his supervisors, Officer Bok’s demeanor is always pleasant and professional. Officer Bok is consistently an exemplary representative of the police profession and performs at the level of excellence expected of a Fairfield Police Officer.
The Officer of the Quarter program is in place to recognize officers who understand, embrace, support, and further the Fairfield Police Department’s mission to “Make Fairfield Safer”. Certain character traits have been identified by the supervisory staff as being critically important to carrying out our mission. These character traits include, but are not limited to, Attitude, Personality, Initiative, Fitness, Professional Appearance, and Job Proficiency.
Congratulations Officer Bok!