Officer of the Quarter: July 15, 2022 – October 14, 2022


On June 6, 2022, all the Lieutenants and Sergeants of the Patrol Division met, and after careful deliberation, unanimously selected Officer Walter Burke as Officer of the Quarter (OOQ) for the period of July 15th 2022 to October 14th 2022. Officer Burke has displayed the following traits for this prestigious recognition:

  • Personality – Officer Burke since joining the department has been known to be reliable and dependable on any assigned shift. He has developed a great working relationship with his peers and supervisors alike. Officer Burke has shown determination and persistence with the way he is driven to see his investigations to completion. His reliability and compassion with citizens are a true testament to Officer Burke’s character.
  • Attitude – Officer Burke always shows up for work upbeat and ready for any assignment placed upon him. Officer Burke always tries to be a positive role model and leads by example. Officer Burke’s willingness to take on tasks and challenge himself makes him a valuable asset for the direct supervisors.  Officer Burke has been an FTO for several years, he is on the department’s Honor Guard, and he was recently selected as the newest member of the Marine Unit because of his dedication to this agency.
  • Fitness and Appearance – Officer Burke is able to keep himself physically fit and he shows up every day looking prepared and ready for duty.
  • Initiative – Officer Burke has a number of positive personality traits that allow him to be the asset he is. Officer Burke tries to take the initiative on all of his investigations, and completes well documented and accurate reports. Officer Burke is very knowledgeable and is able to complete his investigations with little supervision.
  • Job Proficiency – Officer Burke is a veteran officer of both the New Canaan and Fairfield Police Departments. Officer Burke has put in a consistent level of police work since joining this agency and has continuously challenged himself.  Officer Burke interacts well with citizens and displays true empathy during his investigations. He is detail oriented and takes great pride in his work.  Officer Burke is well respected amongst his peers and is always looked to as a leader.  Officer Burke makes officer safety a top priority which was displayed emphatically on 05/02/22 when officers encountered a violent EDP armed with multiple cutting weapons.  Officer Burke’s training, experience, instincts, and tactics prevented a potential officer involved shooting and his efforts resulted in the successful apprehension of the subject.

The Officer of the Quarter program is in place to recognize officers who understand, embrace, support, and further the Fairfield Police Department’s mission to “Make Fairfield Safer”.

It is our pleasure to present Officer Walter Burke with the Officer of the Quarter Award.

Congratulations Walt!